Image courtesy of Tejvan Pettinger

Many people really enjoy their garden and they do a lot of work in it so that they can make it more enjoyable. However, gardens can be expensive and you may want to have some tips on how to have a lovely garden but save money at the same time.

It can be wise to think about what sorts of things you would like to grow in your garden. If you grow fruits and vegetables, you will save money as you will be able to eat them rather than buying them. If you grow flowers that you can cut and have inside it will save you money on buying fresh flowers from shops. You may even be able to have enough so that you can pick them and give them as gifts to people. Growing all plants form seeds can be a much cheaper way to grow things as well. There are also many places where you can buy bulbs online to save money. You may find that you get a lot more than you need, but you can always give away small plants to friends and family if you end up with too many or you may even be able to sell them. A stall at a local market, car boot sale or even an honesty box on the end of your driveway could enable you to make some money from them.

Garden furniture is something that many people have, but it can easily get shabby. Over the winter the harsh weather can cause it to fade or rot or go rusty, depending on what you have. You may find it gets dirty and animals may even damage it. It can therefore be a really good idea to put your furniture away over the winter to protect it. Pop it in a shed or garage or if you do not have one, then cover it over to protect it. If you rarely use it, then it could be wise to keep it inside unless you actually need it.

It can be good to pick plants for the garden which will last all year round. Buying plants that die in the winter means that you will have to buy replacements each year. If you buy plants which last over the winter, then you will not need to buy replacements. You could buy plants which flower or have brightly coloured leaves, which will still make your garden look cheerful even without having to pay for bedding plants.

Hanging baskets and pots do look nice, but they can be expensive to replace each year. It can therefore be a good idea to think about alternatives. See if you can put plants in them which will last longer than one season, perhaps heathers, ivy or alpine plants. You could even buy plastic flowers or leaves, which will add decoration but will last longer and will not need watering.

Watering can be expensive if you have a water meter so try to buy plants which do not need too much. Put buckets outside to catch rainwater or get a water butt on your drain pipe. Only water when really necessary.