Image courtesy of Mike Rohda
Image courtesy of Mike Rohda

There are many things that we pay for, that we could save money on. These include utility bills, which we pay out for every single month. If each of those could be reduced, then we could make significant savings each month and this could really add up.

Water can be charged in different ways. Sometimes you are just charged a standard amount depending on the size of home that you won. The only way to get that reduced would be to move to a smaller home which attracted a smaller charge. However, many homes are on water meters where they are charged for all of the water they use. These are where you can save money by taking showers instead of baths, flushing the loo less often, repairing dripping taps and leaks and generally being more careful with water use.

Electricity can be a huge expense but there are a lot of ways to reduce the cost. Things such as  Insulating the home better, switching off items that are not being used such as computers and televisions, turning down the heating, grilling instead of oven cooking and using more efficient light bulbs and appliances. There is potential to save a lot of money in this area, especially if you compare suppliers and tariffs and see whether you can get anything cheaper..

Not everyone has a gas supply, but those that do use it for heating and sometimes cooking. Gas is cheaper than electricity but it is getting more expensive and so it is wise to use it sparingly. By reducing the heating by a small amount and only using it when necessary you can save money. Leaving it on low all the time rather than on high when you need it will not necessarily save money. Just use it when you need to. It can be worth having your gas and electricity with the same supplier to save money and comparing prices to see if it is cheaper to swap suppliers.

Many people pay far too much for their phones. They may have a land line and a selection of mobile phones in the home and they could save by only having one of these. Many people have a phone package and it may not be the right one for them. It is worth doing research and seeing whether there are ways to save money based on your current usage. You may also be able to swap to a different provider to save money as well.

Many people pay for a television package. They may have just a basic one or pay for a more expensive one, perhaps having a streamed package and a satellite one as well. It is worth thinking about how much you use the packages that you have signed up to and whether it would be better for you to swap to a cheaper one. You may find that it is cheaper to pay to watch films one by one when you want to and just pay per film, than paying for a film channel, for example.