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I get a lots of emails from people that want to know how much money they should charge for their tweets and how much their account is worth.

It can be hard for some people to understand what should they be looking for and how to calculate all this.

Questions that I get are like:

Is a tweet worth about $1.00? $10.00? $50.00?

Is everyone’s tweet worth the same amount?

Do I need to look for standard ways and prices of CPM? Or of CPC?

Is it important how much clicks my tweet gets?

Are my followers important?

These questions are among the top ones, and usually when I try to explain the ways this work, people get lost in the statistics.

I sometimes get lost in all that calculation too.


That’s why I’m going to show you some websites where you can check your tweet worth and your account worth with one easy click.

Many results on these websites are different, but you can write down the results and find the most one that pop up.

Use that result and charge your advertisers for your tweets and if you are selling your tweeter account this can help too.

But of course if advertiser has different opinion, first ask him how did he find out for that price to ask and find the reasonable deal with him.

It will not always be easy to calculate all this stuff, but that’s why some developers made these types of sites.

Instead to loose time calculating by yourself and loosing time and potential advertiser, just use the tools and give the results.

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And many tweet worth sites are going to use same calculations as the algorithm for the final results, and also your number of followers is important for the final result. Your numbers of tweets and retweets.

So don’t worry, it’s not some magic that they use to check the worth, you can fairly give them chance to help you charge the reasonable price for your tweets.

At the end, if you don’t want to use these type of sites, you can use them as help and to check are your calculations right, if you of course have some other methods.

Here is the list of sites which you can use to check the worth of your tweet and your accounts. – Check how valuable you are on Twitter. – How much is your Twitter profile worth? – What’s your Twitter account worth? Enter your Twitter ID and find out in seconds. – Check Tweet worth.


Try them out and enjoy the benefits, sell your tweets, or sell your account after valuation and make money online.


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