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Nowadays, competition is worldwide renowned – whether talking about the online or the offline world. All of us are becoming more and more competitive as the days pass by, reason why being always up to date with the latest news comes in handy! People are wasting a lot of time online, no doubt about that, yet the Internet is a source of great knowledge if it is used properly. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over some of the best websites to visit in order to become smarter – and use Internet at its best!


  1. Khan Academy

Understanding is not the key – practice works best. This is the main motto the Khan Academy is based on, looking forward to empowering you and making you smarter than before. At the end of the courses, you will be simply amazed of how efficient and prolific you managed to use and work with your time on the Internet.


  1. Quora

Do you have questions? I know I have, and there are plenty having no response! If you feel we share the same interests, Quora is the best place where you can ask questions and let them be anwered by people who are as smart or even smarter than you are. Also, what is super interesting in here concerns the fact that you are definitely becoming smarter as soon as you find and encounter questions you have never thought of before – from money to psychology, health and fitness to super delicious foods!

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  1. Udemy

Have you ever wished you could choose the course of your heart? If so, Udemy might have the right one for you! With a variety of not less than 30,000 courses online, there is simply no chance for you to miss the one that might come as appealing to you!


  1. Coursera

Are you planning to go high above the general understanding of a course? If so, coursera is the right choice for you. With no less than 800 courses, your life might improve as you get smarter with taking at least one course these days! You should definitely take a look and see which one fits you best! So, have you already managed to make up your mind? What would be your choice?


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