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What defines a business leader? What is leadership in the first place? How can someone take their competencies, and embed this energy to help an entire team prosper? They often say that leaders are born and not made, but honestly, the opposite is true. Leadership is something that you have to hone. It doesn’t come without its hard lessons.

A good analogy to make is that of a military officer. A military officer, at least a commissioned enlisting, will need to apply their best each and every day. If things go wrong, it’s often on them. If things go right, they will need to credit their team. They stand in front of their team leading that way, rather than only ordering them to achieve matters. They must make split-second decisions and carry the weight of a mistake for a lifetime. In the business world, the emotional stakes are nowhere near as high. But that doesn’t make leadership any less important. If you hope to count yourself among this number of great people, you need to know what defines them in the first place.

We’d like to explore that exactly:


An inspired business leader finds inspiration all around them. It could be through the passion for learning, a lifelong interest they must continue. With this, they may find themselves looking for future and excellent courses to try, such as an online master’s degree in leadership from Deakin University. You may decide to try shadowing certain businesses you respect, or perhaps using your position to potentially allow you to see the root of a craft you have practiced for some time. Inspiration often comes from competence, because when you start learning something you realize just how much there is to learn. Just like how an interesting person needs to be interested, an inspiring leader needs to be inspired. Really making this attitude a core care of yours can help supremely in the long run, and enable you to make better decisions down the road.


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A leader is often seen as someone who needs to dictate the best course of action, but really they’re the people who make the hard decisions thanks to empathy and the understanding of those below them. Understanding their practice well, the market they find themselves in and the context of the situation can all lend information to the final decision, but also understanding the human factor involved, the resource management toll and the consequences of correct or incorrect action can all lead to long-term potentials down the road. A business leader is defined by their ability to understand, and that understanding is not always yielded from academic knowledge.


Just like this heading’s advice, an inspired leader knows how to make use of brevity. Short, simple, snappy communication with no extra fat can help you convey your point more appropriately, without room for debate.

With these small leadership characteristics, a giant leader can be made.

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