Traffic generation was always one of the most popular topic to discuss on every forum online. There will always be people are looking for new ways to drive traffic. That is why I decided to email couple of traffic generation experts and ask them for a best way to drive traffic to a website.

Here is what they said:

Chris Guthrie 

Favorite traffic generation technique is to build a list. Because once you capture subscribers from your other traffic you now have your own traffic source that you can control.

Adam Riemer

There are a ton of ways I like to drive traffic. One of the newest ones I have been having fun with is images.I create or buy a quality one that I can modify and then once I have it the way I want it, I test it across different social networks.  The important thing is to ensure that when the image is shared, the right parts of the photo with the actionable items and the part that draws your attention to it, show clearly and cause a reaction.  I also check to make sure the wording around or on the image shows when it is viewed on the relevant social networks since that is where my target audience is.  When people find and share the images, I get backlinks to my site as well as organic traffic from the social media site to the post because of the image that is located on it and being shared.

Satish Kumar

“I believe Google Plus has tons of traffic coming in both direct and indirect way. Direct way, make sure you do a solid promotion of your content in right communities and with your followers. Indirect way, build authority to your profile, which has Page Rank system just like websites, and use them to give backlinks to your websites. A good backlink from high PR Google Plus page is a gold mine”

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Carol Lynn Rivera

The single most effective way that I have found to drive traffic to my website has been through word of mouth and direct networking. Google often makes changes that affect search traffic, and advertising can get expensive, but there is always the simple power of people to drive traffic and business.

Using online social networks from Twitter and Google Plus to platforms like Triberr that help you find and connect with influencers has always been my number one traffic source. It’s absolutely necessary to build your online and even your offline networks so that you have people you can count on to share and cross-promote content.


“When it comes to traffic generation and SEO, I always have an ‘screw Google’ approach because I know content is king. When you create good content that people find of value then they naturally want to link to it. Some people will say, “well sure you have so many readers it’s easy for you???. The first couple of years no one read me consistently. It took YEARS to build up my follower base, but it did come eventually. I have been running my blog for over a decade now and it has a lot of links because I created content that people felt was worth linking to. People think I am mastermind or something because some of my properties rank for some very competitive keywords but I honestly don’t. I’ve just always focused on making good content and/or services and the SEO/link side has taken care of itself. ”

You heard the experts. Let’s get to work!

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