Image courtesy of The Udodelig
Image courtesy of The Udodelig

You may set up in business and find that things run really well for a while. However, what do you do if things get difficult? What if you find that you get so over run with work that there are not enough hours in the day to manage. This can be difficult as you cannot split yourself in two but the idea of training up new staff and learning about employment etc can be very daunting as well.

You can consider getting friends and family to help out to start with. Some may help for free or if you have younger family members they may be able to do simple tasks to earn some pocket money or get some work experience. This will work if you have a sudden rush of work that you think will not last very long.

If you know that you will need help on a more permanent basis then you still have a selection of options open to you. You could have a spouse or family member work for you on a more long term basis, perhaps making them a partner in the business so that you do not have to worry about employment laws. Working with family members is not always that wise though, it can be difficult as even if you get on well normally, working together can be very different. You may have different ideas about how you see the business going, about who gets paid what and things like that. Make sure you discuss everything well first.

Another way to get around this is to employ temporary staff. You can do this through a temp agency, but it could be expensive. They will be able to match a person to the job that you want though and you could take them on a trial basis. A temp works at very short notice, perhaps even an hour’s so if they are not working out for you, you will be able to ask for a replacement. You will also be able to only employ them for the number of hours that you need them for and let them go if you run out of money. You will not have to worry about holiday or sick pay, workplace pensions etc. However, you will need to check if you need insurance to have them working on your premises, this may also be covered by the agency.

Another way is to recruit online. There are websites where you can do this and it is worth looking at them to see which one will be the best for you. You can even get different applicants to bid for the work, stating how much they would charge you and explaining what their skills are with a CV. Obviously this could be more risky and may be more time consuming but it can be a much cheaper option. You can get virtual designers, writer, PAs, data processers and people doing all sorts of jobs for you this way, although they will be working from home, so you will need to find a good way of communicating with them.