Last Updated on Apr 7, 2020 by James W is a URL shortening service which helps you shorten your long links and also increase your earnings by doing so. This service came in existence back in 2011. The way in which this service works is that they encrypt your URLs and then the ads are placed on the decrypting page with which when the user interacts, you receive the earnings. This service can be easily implemented and used by websites which have outgoing links such as file downloading sites, social media or any blog.


Why use SafeLinkConverter?

If you own or operate a website or blog you surely should give this service a go to increase your revenue from the existing traffic on it. What makes their service unique is that they provide the option to use your own AdSense ads on their URLs to earn. So it’s a boon for the website owners who have the AdSense account but for some reason they can’t use it on their content, so they can do so through this service. By using this service they can apply the ads from their AdSense account on their URLs and can earn money which is paid by Google AdSense itself.


The layout of the intermediate/decrypting page on which the ads are actually displayed to the user is completely approved by Google. The intermediary page also shows the information about the link they are going to visit, it’s antivirus status, Alexa ranking and many other details too to the visitor. The review page is actually powered by the which is a sister website of SafeLinkConverter. Here is an example link –, for the review page exactly like the one visitors will see.

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They are the only service who are providing your own encryption of links. In simpler words you can create a copy of their safelinkreview to your domain and use it as your intermediate page for outgoing links.


Benefits of your own domain service are

  1. The clients will get their own link shortening/encrypting and intermediary website which will increase the traffic for your website and not for the service instead.
  2. The AdSense account of your own will be used to display ads on the page, so you’re in control all the time.


How SafeLinkConverter operates?

They mainly offer our clients to earn by their in two ways:

  1. AdSense Revenue Sharing Service – As said earlier that you have the option for using your own AdSense account for the ads. In this way you will receive up to 85% of the entire traffic your URLs generate. You can check the live earnings status any time. The payment will be made directly by Google. You can even renegotiate the percentage depending upon your traffic.


  1. CPM Based Revenue Service – This site is basically for the clients who don’t have the AdSense account. In CPM the visitors on the website of the client are shown various ads on their outgoing links. The payment is calculated depending on the traffic the particular site generates.


The rates per 1000 pageviews can be checked

The clients can ask for custom made rates given they higher and engaging traffic.


How to get started with using SafeLinkConverter?

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Getting started with SafeLinkConverter is very easy and can be done by simply following these steps:

  1. Sign up on the website by visiting – and filling up all the basic details like username, email, password, your website and AdSense account status.
  2. After filling the details check your email and confirm your account by clicking the confirmation link.
  3. Now login and use the plugin.
  4. AdSense service users can use their JavaScript or WordPress plugin.
  5. CPM service users visit the dashboard and click login under CPM tab and you are ready to use the plugin for CPM service.


Benefits of using SafeLinkConverter –

  1. Higher earnings from the AdSense.
  2. Highest CPM rates in the market.
  3. The Visitors will get various important information about the link they are about to visit.
  4. They provide readily available JavaScript and WordPress Plugins.
  5. Global coverage of the brand’s reach.
  6. Own domain provides with the option to increase the traffic for page rank.
  7. Regular updates, optimization and support.


Payments system:

In The AdSense service the payment is made by Google According to their terms in which the minimum payout is $100 on NET30 basis.


In the CPM service the payment is made by us through PayPal. The minimum payout is $5. Payment through NET30, NET0 and within 24 hours payment is supported too.


Referral service in SafeLinkConverter –

Earnings can be increased by the clients by referring this service to their friends or other webmasters. They can earn up to 25% of the earnings of the person they referred and that too for the lifetime.

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