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There was a time when the designing and the development of the electronic circuits were just understood and taken care of by the trained and experienced PCB designers. But with the development of the PCB Viewer software, the story has much changed today.

When the design is quite complex, it becomes necessary to bring up a whole team set up that will have PCB designers, engineers, managers and others. In order to understand the whole design and the program, it is necessary that these people on the team also get access to the design n real-time. This is the reason, the software finally got into the picture.

There have been so many features due to which the software has become quite popular in such projects.

Securing Collaboration Of The Design File

When designing a product, the most troubled situation can be the moment when the designers are not able to access the data that they are searching for. There can be a number of times in such a situation when the designer may design a product similar to an old design that was faulty. This not only leads to loss of money on the project but also a loss of time and again loss of reputation at times.

With the help of the software, this situation can be ignored. The software collaborate all the existing designs carefully so that the designers can check them before creating the design. Not only this, also the team members are able to check the various statistics and other necessary data in real-time so that proper analyzing of the design can be done before finalizing it. This can be also taken out in the form of printed out documentation in order to keep it as a record.

Access To The Data Live

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It is important that all the components data get synchronized in the right way in order to get the design in the right way. There are so many things to check out such as PCB footprints, schematic symbols, and many others that should coincide together and should provide proper updates each time in the results. Hence, it is important that each time when such changes are done such as in the design or in the cost, there should be a notification option to notify about the updates.

The software allows the team members to check all the data live and also to make the necessary changes whenever and wherever required in the component data. This allows the team members to track the development of the design by estimating the cost of the project. This real-time tracking method allows proper integration of the design along with the development of the whole process.

Efficient Design Achieved

When the team members are able to view the data of the design in real-time, they are able to make the necessary changes as per required and hence it allows to create efficient designs. The software collaborate the data carefully allowing not only the team members to become more productive and deliver the best designs but also it allows the individual personalities in the team to have their own responsibilities towards the project.

Easy Collaboration For Development

The software allows the team members to access to various data options such as Gerber files, CAD drawings, and many others in real-time. This allows the team members to understand their responsibilities in the project and take proper participation in the development of the design.

The use of the software is quite easy and also this is the reason why it has become a great option for designs and developments. One can start with the software quite easily and can explore through the features and options in order to understand it well and use it in the required projects.


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