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Education has always been viewed as one of the most fulfilling fields out there. Most people who enter the field do it out of vocation and out of a desire to make a change. Gaining a master’s degree in education is a great way to open yourself to a variety of possibilities beyond the classroom and make an even bigger impact. Here are some of the jobs that are open to those with a masters in education.

School Principal

School principal is one of the major positions open to those who pursue a masters degree in education. As a principal, you’ll be in charge of shaping school culture, coming up with disciplinary measures and instituting programs. You’ll also have to take the steps necessary to meet certain state quotas and work as a counselor with teachers.

Principals are some of the highest paid professionals in the education sector and the average principal was making $89,540 per year according to 2014 data. In California, the median income for principals was $105,960.

Special Ed Teacher

If you have a naturally empathetic and altruistic nature, special education might be a great field for you. As a special education teacher, you’ll be called to work with students with physical or emotional disabilities and learning impairments. In many cases, special education teachers will be called to work with students with a very specific disability, such as autism. In most cases, special education teachers will be required to have a master’s, regardless of the specialization they decide to go for.

School Counselor

School counselor is another position that is open to people with a masters in education. Counselors play an essential role in all levels of education, may it be college, elementary, middle school or high school. As a school counselor, you’ll be helping students struggling with personal or social issues. Career counselors will be in charge of giving students various career paths depending on their strengths and interests. Counselors are also called to help students that are struggling academically and are often mentors for college applications. In most cases, those who want to seek a career as school counselor pursue a specialization in school counseling or educational psychology. In most cases, a master in education will be required.

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Educational Consultant

An educational consultant is a great career choice for long-time teachers who would like to seek a career outside of the classroom. Most educational consulting firms will require that consultants have at least a master’s in education coupled with a few years of actual teaching experience. In many cases, educational consultants work with school districts to find ways to improve performance, reduce dropout rates or work on academic intervention for instance. They work in conjunction with school officials and teachers to improve curriculum, affect policy and devise strategies.

As you can see, getting a masters degree in education is one of the best choices you could ever make for your career. If you’re teaching, it would be wise to consider enrolling in an online masters in education so you can complete your masters without leaving your position. The positions opened to those with a master’s in education are many and are often very lucrative, making it the perfect choice for teachers trying to further their career beyond the classroom.

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