We are all looking for ways to make some money. One of the most hassle-free ways to make some extra cash is to invest. If you play your cards right you will make money without much effort at all. But it is very important to make sure you are putting your money into the correct ventures, otherwise everybody would be doing it! Here are some of the most common ways to invest money, for all budgets.




Gold is a valuable asset to have. If you are confident that the price of it is going to rise higher than what it is now, an easy way to get started is to invest in physical gold. You can buy bullions and store them somewhere secure. You could also choose to buy gold coins. Then once the price has reached a rate you are happy with, sell it on and pocket the profit! There are plenty of gold buyers about, so you would never be stuck with it with no buyers, another reason why gold is a safe bet.





Collectables are another physical asset for you to hold onto until it gains more value over time. These objects are highly sought after by collectors who want to complete collections and are willing to spend a lot of money in doing it. There is plenty of choice too, from stamps and coins, to toys and art. For example, Disney collectables can go for up to ten times their original value!




Property is arguably one of the most sure-fire ways of making money through investing. First, you’d need to find a decent property. You can do this through sites such as Once you have invested your money into the property, you can start making money from it straight away. This is unlike other investments where you have to wait for its value to increase. You can rent your property out to tenants who will pay you monthly. Once the original price has been paid back, it is essentially all profit! Alternatively, you can buy a property cheap due to its condition, and make improvements to it. Then you can sell it on at a higher price than you originally bought it for.





Investing in stocks has the capability of making some serious money, if you invest in them properly. It is basically the share in the ownership of a certain company. You will need to be able to understand them first, so be sure to do some research. Then once you’ve got to grips with them, you can even keep up to date with the stock market from your smartphone. If the company you invest in does badly, then you can lose some money. But if they do well, you will make back some good money, so choose wisely!


So, what should you invest your money in? It depends on how much money you are starting off with, and which option you feel the most familiar with. Do your research before investing in order to make sure you do it properly.