Did it ever cross your mind what you could do after blogging for some time? We all know what a blog involves, but what the benefits of it are. Still, after doing it for a long period of time, there must come a period, just like the retirement.



You can not work all of your life, let alone do the same thing over and over again. The human nature is designed to adapt in any situation, reason why there must be made a change even if you are a blogger. In case you would like to know what to do after 5 years of blogging and still make the same money (or better), stick with us and keep on reading the next few lines!

Write a Book

Believe it or not, people are extremely interested in knowing how to make money online. In case you have a blog providing you a massive income as days go by, they will be even more interested! It is in our nature to want to know how others are making money, easy but legal. So, get some papers, a pen, sit and start remembering your firsts steps. Your book will definitely sell in a big quantity, and if you want to write more, don’t let them know the secret from the very beggining – instead, write more volumes even as an E-book.

Become a Trainer

Just as presented above and mentioned likewise, people are keen on knowing how you made your money online. If you want to let them know some of the insights and yet make some money, take into account the idea of becoming a trainer! It is one of the greatest job you could ever have – all you need to do is to teach others what you did with your life, tell them stories and whatever you might like – and there is no boss to stick to your head.

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Make advertising

Of course, what could you start to do after so much time and information already presented on your blog? Advertise for others! Not only is is a passive income that goes into your bank account on time, but you actually don’t do a single thing but wait for people to click on the adds – a little effort that will be providing your budget with an increased sum of dollars to play with. Definitely worth a shot!


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