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Fraud is a serious issue, and being charged with fraud can be exceptionally stressful. If you are charged with this crime, you need to have a plan in mind. Fraud cases can be won by individuals with good lawyers, and given the consequences associated with a conviction, it is critically important that you find the professional. The first step is to ensure that you don’t say anything to the police or any other investigator about the charges. You should get used to speaking only with the consent of your attorney. Once you’ve accepted that premise, it is time for you to pick the right lawyer.

Understanding the nature of the fraud charge

In any state, the prosecution will have to prove a number of elements to ring up a conviction on fraud charges. Generally speaking, the most important element will be proving that you knowingly made a false statement. One of the things that the investigators will do is to try and extract information out of you before you know what is going on. If their case is not especially strong, they will look to bolster it by asking you difficult questions. You should request a lawyer immediately, as this is your right under Miranda v Arizona. Once you ask for an attorney, they must stop questioning you until you have one.

Finding a lawyer with strong ratings

There are many different ways to search for an attorney. You might rely upon your State bar’s information on attorneys with good reputations. This is truly only a start, though. Once you have some attorneys in mind, you will want to check out their ratings. Martindale-Hubbell is a reputable website that rates attorneys based upon their professionalism and reputation. When looking on that site, you should be in search of an attorney who is AV rated.

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These are peer ratings, so you will know that you are getting an individual who has established himself within the legal community. There are also other companies that rate lawyers and their law firms including AVVO, Yelp, Google, and other online sources. A word of caution regarding some of the online review sites, look into some of their policies and procedures before deciding whether or not to trust the source. Some of the services, like Yelp, actually filter reviews. It is important to look at some of those reviews and also take them with a grain of salt.

Looking for an attorney who is Board Certified as a Criminal Law Specialist

Some attorneys practice criminal law. Others are experts at it. When it is your life on the line, you need to find an attorney who is certified as a specialist. This will give you the best chance of coming up with a legal strategy that wins. Certified criminal defense lawyers understand how to work the system, and they understand how to interact with the state’s lawyers to get the best result. Though there is no way to guarantee success in a criminal case, doing these things will give you the best chance at an optimal result.


David Michael Cantor is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist in Phoenix, AZ. The Law Offices of David Michael Cantor is an AV rated law firm practicing criminal defense in Phoenix, AZ.


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