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What to Do in the First Week at Your New Job To Be Promoted

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Are you planning a total round up change in your life, or have just made a recent change already? Would you like to know how to deal with any new people, boss, hard times and so on, so forth? If so, you are at the right place to find the way out!


Stick with us and let us teach you what to do is the first week at your new job to… finally be promoted! The first impression rarely changes, reason why following some easy tips and tricks will definitely be a hand to you!

  1. Looking great and focusing on appearance

Every morning when going to job and entering the office, all the lazy and unwakened eyes are upon every person who enters the buidling. Of course, you might wonder who would look at you when all anyone wants in the morning is a cup of coffee and 5 minutes of sleep. Well, let me tell you, when looking great every eyes will be on you. All the people from your office will stare and feel awakened as you go cross the hall, appreciating how you look.

  1. Do your BEST

In order to be promoted, it is utterly important to do your best. Your new position might not be the one you dreamed or craved for, but it definitely might be your starting point to success. No one would promote you if not seeing that you diserve it, reason why the next few tips are ought to be helping you doing that – whether you don’t like it, sometimes, especially at first you should be willing to offer yourself as staying after the program, making your schedule longer at your job. In addition, there must be an equilibrium due to the fact that many people might use your availability for managing their stuff, which would not be as pleasant as anyone might think.

  1. Making friends
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When accepting a new job, making new friends among your colleagues is a must. Whether you are a social person or not yet, isolating yourself from others is not a good idea. Not only will you find yourself alone, but also could be starting conflicts or any rumours behind your back. The natural behaviour is just the one mentioned above, since what people don’t know is exactly the topic they mostly talk about, in order to make predictions which are usually wrong.

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