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Did it ever cross your mind wondering what you could do on a rainy day in order to make some money? Would you like to understand what lays behind the rainy drops, how to go beyond the story and earn some cash? Well, if it happens for you to be reading this post exactly on a rainy day, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading the following lines to see what to do to make money on a rainy day! In such harsh times, I know there is none of us wishing to go through rain and get dirty – instead, thinking of covered activities/jobs would do!


Write online

No need to go outside, in the pouring rain, getting your clothes and turning them into some wet and dirty ones – all you need is your laptop, iPad or PC to make the things run. This is exactly what blogging or writing online provides you with, since all you would need to make the perfect environment would be a hot cup of tea or chocolate, a blanket and that is it! The perfect working sanctuary one would dream of on a pouring raining day.



Definitely one thing every gourmand would go for, baking and actually cooking are two great ways to make some money, especially when it is raining outside. Staying warm, always well-perfumed, all you need are some people to eat your goods and preferably pay for them. But trust me, there are hundreds of people who would say yes to such a delight, due to the fact that all of us enjoy eating – and when it has a heavenly taste, even better, even more!

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Tutoring (Online?)

When outside is such a tense atmosphere, what else could one do in order to earn some money with little effort? What about tutoring? In case it happens to you being in the known of a second language, a specific field or domain, you just hit the jackpot! Make sure to make tutoring, even online, since there are hundreds of websites where you can find any available job to take up in order to make some money without having to go out inthe pouring ugly rain… so, what are you waiting for? Have you already set your area of interest? Trust me, once in, there is no single possibility for you not to get the money!


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