Freight Business

When it comes to running your own business, trying to do everything yourself is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make. While it’s understandable that you want to hold as much control over your company as possible, one of the first things a young business should do is decide what their core operations are. You should then focus your time on improving these and look to delegate secondary areas, such as logistics, to a third-party specialist. Here are three things to look for in a logistics partner.




Above all, your logistics provider should be a trusted company in the field. Partnering with a well-known industry figure can establish an early level of credibility to a smaller business that’s just starting out. This will help ensure your clients are confident you can fulfil their needs without any issues. For e-commerce businesses, it’s crucial that you have a reliable logistics provider. Howard Tenens Logistics use a system known as Group Visibility which tracks the movements of their fleet of 157 vehicles and 394 trailers at all times. If you can’t provide a client with the necessary information about their product because of a breakdown in communication with an unreliable service-provider, this will reflect poorly on your business as a whole.


An experienced logistics partner will also have an expansive network, whether national or worldwide. Your logistics provider of choice should have access to a national network as well as offer collection points throughout the country. This makes it easier to collect any inventory orders that your company requires urgently. Depending on your business, you may also be looking for a company who can offer a global transportation network. Worldwide shipping is becoming more common for online-based businesses. To open your business up to millions of potential new customers, this should be a feature you can offer sooner rather than later.




Not only does a good logistics provider offer a more convenient solution to your customers, it should also add more flexibility to how you run your business. For instance, many service providers offer warehouse space that’s designed to fit business in different stages of development. This is possible by allowing companies to alter their square footage requirements depending on the time of the year. This means that if you run a seasonal business that sees a dramatic spike in sales during certain months of the year you’ll be able to change your real estate as you need it. Now you don’t need to worry about paying for more storage than you need during the rest of the year.


Online sales in the UK are expected to rise a further 16.2% this year to £52.25bn. Areliable logistics partner is now increasingly important so make sure that your provider of choice fits the bill.