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According to a USDA report, the average expense for a middle-class family in America for a single child is $245,340. That’s right, nearly a quarter million of dollars! And it does not include the cost of college (or the money needed for him to make it through college). In this case, we thought it would be more than interesting to see what you can do at the expense of raising a child! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see our conclusions.


  1. Quick Trip to Outer Space

Are you a traveller? Would you crave for travelling someone most people would never be able to go? If so, you are definitely making your way to a quick trip to outer space – somewhere where you will feel at pace, for only $250k – and in this price you will have more things, such as the travel that lasts for 2.5 hours (and 6 minutes of it will be spent in a weightless environment!). How cool is that?


  1. A Really COOL Car

Do you like speed? Whether you do or not, I know you like cool cars. We all do! This is another thing you could do with the money spent on raising a child. For less than quarter of million of dollars, it can be yours and hey – who would say no to a Mercedes?


  1. Rent a Private Island

Yes, you heard that right! As for me, this is the very best thing you could do at the expense of raising a child – rent a private island off the coast of Spain, for as much as $230.000. This will buy you a week with completely staffed place where to spend your vacation, holiday or honeymoon. Or just… your everyday life.

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  1. Go around the World, Twice

For nearly a quarter million dollars, you can book the Owner’s Suite and go around the world with Oceania Cruises. Trust me, it would be so worth it. So, does now a child worth the pricetag? Of course children is a big and important part in someone’s life, but as long as you are still young and able to do things, seeing the world and the outer world would feel as a match made in heaven for a life that is all worth it – every single day of it.


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