Have you ever been to a bank and while waiting to the queue, you’ve heard lots of numbers? Well, in case you didn’t know, most of them might be looking for a place where to deposit their savings. And trust me, the numbers you’ve just heard are the numbers of their savings. So, how about you? Is your number larger or smaller? Either way your choice, one thing is clear – if you want to make some changes, now it is the time. And we will show you just how to make them – by showing what you should stop doing in order to save money – just from now on!


Don’t Spend without Save

I do know what it feels like when you are out, making some shopping and all you have is a great desire to get everything you like and, on the other hand (literally) a credit card. Shopping is not bad in essence, but saving is neither. So why not doing them both? Here’s our great tip on showing you how to do it – when going shopping, the same amount of money you place on your new acquisition would go into your bank account, or in an economy box. Trust me, there is something more than just what the eye can see – and definitely all worth it, since each time you treat yourself, you treat that economy account as well.


Cook Lunch for Work

Believe it or not, each time you buy your lunch, you give your account such a stress. If you are really planning to go for long, save those money and stop thinking you would save time by that – time is precious only when you have money. instead, try to cook your lunch at home or wrap up something just for when the hour comes. At first it might not look as a win, yet as time goes by, at the end of the year you will thank to yourself while seeing the results.

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Stop using your Credit Card

Nowadays, using a credit card makes you powerful and keen on saving time. Did you know that each time you use your credit card, you spend more than you should? Instead of doing this, spend your money per week for each day to make it through the week. Make sure not to exceed the limit by not using your credit card again!


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