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Getting hurt on the job is not a sought out after experience. You are going to miss work commitments, have to seek medical attention and go to the hospital. One of the lights in all of this though is that you can get workers compensation.

All employees should be well aware of “workers comp??? by now. It is a great safety net that is built into the system, as it is only inevitable someone will get hurt on the job. If you find yourself in this position you’ll want to avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Taking Action Right Away

When an accident arises, workers first order of business is to get medical attention or to make sure nothing seriously is wrong. Workers won’t be in their right state of mind at this time. If they aren’t thinking clearly, they’re also not thinking about taking advantage of workers compensation.

In order to be calm and collected during the accident, workers should get the attention of others around them so that there are witnesses to what has just occurred. What happened leading up the accident event and what others saw is important in getting your compensation.

The mind is a fickle thing at times; you should jot down and document everything that happened as soon as possible so the memory doesn’t degrade over time. Take note on what was said around you, situational awareness and what any emergency personnel asked you during the time of the accident, if they were present.

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Staying Vigilant

If a work accident in the workplace resulted in a personal injury, it is good practice to call upon legal assistance as soon as possible.  Once an injury as occurred you’ll have to document everything surrounding the incident, most importantly the costs of everything. These costs will include doctor appointments, diagnosis, wages lost, services, medicine, treatment, and anything else involved.

With the proper help of a lawyer you can account for the costs from your injury and save plenty of stress and time. Speaking of your doctor, you should also let him or her know that this injury was a work place injury. Let them know of any prior injuries or pre existing conditions.

Both your lawyer and doctor are people you need to be one hundred percent honest with so that they can get you best deals and treatment possible.

Staying Truthful

You’ve been injured enough and are more than likely going to receive workers compensation. If you have done all of the following through collecting documentation and taking note of the exact details of the accident, you’ll get it. The problem can occur if you begin to embellish on what actually happen.

Doctors will test you thoroughly to show the full extent of any wounds from the injury. Doctors will turn against you if you are known to be faking any part of your injury. This will not bode well to your case. Make sure to stay honest and the claim will go through no problem.

Emma Read works as a claims manager by day. By night you’ll find her beavering away on her writing career. She combines both in her articles, sharing her knowledge about worker’s compensation.

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