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Choosing a server that will fully address your requirements can be a daunting task. Regardless of whether you want to build a small computing infrastructure for your office, you’re faced with the task of improving the IT functions for a large firm or your blog traffic got too big, you have numerous options to choose from. It’s therefore important that you know and understand the three basic types of serves to make your work a whole lot easier.

Types of Servers

As afore-mentioned, there are three basic server types; blade, tower and rack servers. They all have unique features, benefits and drawbacks that you should consider when choosing the right type for your needs. Other than these three, you should also put to heart the overall cost off the server, space, power, scalability and cooling. Each server type triumphs and fails in different fields, thus making the right choice is important to preventing problems in the near future, that’s why serversplus is my choice, because it’s the right choice.

Tower Servers

These are probably the type of towers that a regular computer user can easily identify. Tower serves, just as the name suggests, are housed in a case that looks much like a tower desktop computers. Towers are ideal for small businesses or organizations where space is not a big concern. They are very powerful and often come with additional bundled software programs.

Their power can be attributed to the fact that they can accommodate more drives than the other server types. Additionally, cooling the towers is relatively easy. The major drawback of the tower server is the space it requires. The tower is limited to wall and floor space thus has a limited scalability. Besides being large, towers also have high operation cost in terms of the power it consumes, networking and management personnel.

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Rack Servers

These types of servers are designed to be stored in racks and hence the name. The rack servers gained popularity because of their ability to save space especially within datacenters. The motivation behind the design is to provide both vertical and horizontal scalability.

Another advantage is that major racks are designed to uphold IEEE standards. Simply put, the rack can hold the servers plus SAN devices, power backup devices and other devices that adhere to the IEEE standards. You can therefore store all your devices in one place.

However, cooling down the rack servers can be challenging, mainly because they can easily fit into a small space. They are also less powerful as compared to the tower servers.

Blade Servers

Blade and rack servers have many similarities, the design being the major one. In blade servers however, numerous components including power, ventilation and networking, have been removed and they’re shared by all the servers in the enclosure.

This makes the blade enclosures highly economical and scalable. Many rack servers advantages can be found in blade servers. Other additional advantages are hot swapping, redundancy, diminished size requirements and less cabling. Hot swapping is the ability to remove, replace or add a unit without the need to shut down the entire chassis.

These advantages make the blade servers more efficient and highly reliable. However, the servers require alot of planning, technical skills to operate and they are costly that the other options.

The information discussed above clearly depicts the blade servers as the best for increased blog traffic. They are highly reliable and you can add, remove or replace a unit without disrupting the whole service. Furthermore, blades have more processing power. However, it is important that you consider all the features before you settle for any of the three servers on serversplus.

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