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Business cards refer to small paper cards containing important contact information of a business company or an employee of a company. Business owners have been using these cards since late 19th century. Today, things have changed a lot as virtual cards, CDs, social media platforms have made connections easier and more accessible, but the businesses still think these cards as their must-have branding tool.

Things you must consider while designing a business card for your company:

Features of an ideal business card

In the earlier days, specialist professionals like Doctors, attorneys, lawyers used to have a business card; but today, every business owner and the corporate professionals have one. Usually business cards contain company information, a brand logo, details of the card owner, contact information (physical address, phone number and email address etc.).

An ideal card includes:

A creative, inspiring visual appearance. The card must have an enticing design that will help you get a good first impression. You may seek professional designer’s help in designing the visuals of a company card for your business.

Multiple formats of business cards are being used across the globe. Different countries follow different standards and formatting rules. Find something trendy and soothing for your business. Also consider the official trends of your geographical region if any.

You should use clear, self-explanatory contents on your company card. You should include necessary contact details but don’t put too many alternatives. Keep it simple and light; people will recognize your company just with the straightforward card content.

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Why Business card is still so important in this 21st century?

Many tech savvy business owners prefer the virtual cards or contact details to share. They think business cards are obsolete these days. But you should keep away from these rumors; as the cards are just as important as they used to be 100 years ago. Let’s explore why, these cards still play vital roles for branding and marketing in this internet-based business world:

Business cards represent you and your company:

These cards create the first impression about you, your business and your brand almost instantly, that’s why using where the trade buys is good choice. A good design obviously leaves positive impression on someone whom you’re sharing the card with. As a result, you get a kick start even before you meet someone with an appointment.

These cards carry the traditional formality and essence of business:

Since a long time, business owners, service providers and specialists have been using these cards. Even the new businesses love to feel the essence of a traditional business brand and formality. A printed card simply makes you feel elite while sharing it with another business associate.

They create a physical branding:

Even if you’re promoting products online, even if you’re operating your business solely on internet, you may be selling physical products to the customers. So, it’s important that you build a physical brand. And a printed card can help you building a brand efficiently.

They are easy to carry and ready to share

If you’re sharing your internet contacts with someone, you have to be more interactive. You have to note things down or let the other note down your details. Sometimes, you can do it on the mobile; but in such cases, you will need specific details of another person. But with a card, you can simply share your business details with a crowd. Its easy to carry and ready to share.

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These refer to an affordable and convenient option for business promotion

Printing these corporate cards is relatively a cheaper option to promote your business brand. Numerous card manufacturing companies are waiting with their special offers. You can also hire the talented card designers to prepare professional logo and outstanding visual designs. If you have a budget, you should talk with a printing company and ask for customized quotes.

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