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what-unusual-job-should-you-have-y65c-2-16434-1452450748-11_dblbigThe demands of looking after young children can limit a family’s opportunities to earn a second income which is why matched betting is ideal for stay at home parents.

Matched betting is a great way for young mums and dads to earn a regular monthly income without compromising the needs of their kids. It only requires a commitment of less than an hour per day to make around £500 each month. Best of all this income is tax-free and with a little planning it can be done around meal times, the school run and extra-curricular activities.

The principle of matched betting is to use gambling offers to generate guaranteed profits from the free element of bonuses and free bets. Although this first involves placing a bet with your own money, there is no risk as long as you follow the steps of backing all outcomes of the same event. This will allow you to qualify for a free bet at little to no cost and lock in a profit of around 80% of the value of the free bet.

It’s a tried and trusted way to make money from home. It has been featured on highly respected websites like Money Saving Expert, The Telegraph, the Guardian, The Huffington Post and Save The Student who all agree that matched betting works.

Using a site like is a great way to get started as such services provide tutorials, tools and calculators to ensure a balanced profit from every offer, no matter if the bet wins or loses. There is no need to understand sport or betting as everything is clearly explained and support is on hand when required. You can usually get a free trial which will cover the first month or two of membership. The modest subscription fees are easily covered in the first few offers each month and the time-saving tools will ensure it doesn’t have to impact on household duties.

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The important thing for stay at home parents to consider is when to set aside time to do the matched bets. The first month or so will mostly be spent doing sign up offers which can be used any time of the day or night and shouldn’t interfere at all with the normal daily routine.


Later, the focus will be on reload offers and most are concentrated around weekend sporting events. Saturday is usually the busiest time which may not appear ideal if you have to entertain the children all day. However, you can easily place a number of bets during a quiet spell in the morning, settle them later in the evening and still make a good additional income.

The appeal of matched betting is clear and thousands of stay at home parents are finding it has minimal impact on their day to day routines while earning as much as the average take home pay in the UK.


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