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Have you ever thought why the spending habit turned out to be so much spread around the world? Did you think at least once in your lifetime why it is said women spend more than men do? If so, you are actually living a myth. For years now, it has been known a wrong aspect over the world, such as women spending lots of money, differently from men who are wiser at this point. Still, in case you are looking to find more over the subject, keep an eye on the following lines to see why the saying is, in fact, all the way aroung, why men actually spend more than women do!


Men spend more on food

On a recent study, men have been shown to spend twice as much as women do on a daily basis. There is no wonder why, since women are usually more ballanced when talking about prices and quantity. On the other hand, talking about men, they are known to generally not spending a lot in a grocery store, reason why they take the first ingredient noted on the list in the first place!


Dating is a man’s pay

For years now, when going on a date the one to pay always (or in most of the cases) is the male. It is worldwide known to be the most gentility rule there is, to help you on your date and hopelly see each other at the next one!


Men pay more on clothes

Even though for so many years it has been said that women are the ones to argue and complain of not having enough clothes, the price they pay is twice as less as the manly clothes. Not only are the materials better, but men usually go for the first cloth to pop into their hands anytime they enter a shop.

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Women pay their debt

Probably one of the most important of all, women are known to have a good sense of time and numbers. When having a debt, almost all of them keep it in mind and stick to it, until it is paid. However, on the other hand, men are usually opened to spend more than women, so until they get to pay the real debt, they tend to spend that sum on something totally different, such as digital cameras or high technology they wish to crave.


Men want the best 

As mentioned above, men are bond to pay an arm and a leg of a higher level of technology, even though they already might own such an object. Whether we are talking about laptops, TVs or phones, if something new appears, they are ought to own it as quickly as possible – and it is totally understandable, if it is to think of the characteristics of a man.



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