The argument regarding legalizing online gambling is an ongoing one but with no substantial progress to any direction. Both government and game publishers feel that their hands are tied by bureaucracy, prejudice and aggressive work done by offline gambling lobbies. The conversation always revolves around the bad consequences legalizing online gambling will have on people and on the economy. Even if we don’t take the approach of disproving these claims, we can still bring arguments that show how the benefit exceeds the disadvantages when it comes to legalizing online gambling.

Technology is here to stay

First of all it is important to acknowledge that technology is not going anywhere. The internet has become more and more dominant in our lives in just about any area field. We can order food, check lab results, shop, pay taxes, make insurance, hire a car and the list goes on. It’s actually ridiculous that gambling, from all things, is taken out of this list. It’s available offline just as ordering a Pizza is, so why wouldn’t it be available online too? Why wouldn’t you be able to play scratch cards online just as you can buy them in on the street?


Competition is good for the economy. This is a well-known claim and there’s no argument about it. By legalizing online gambling you instantly create huge competition for all the offline gambling providers. This will force them to create a better customer experience, offer better deals and incentives and generally make sure they will offer the best services possible.


More tax sources

The current estimation of income to the American economy from online gambling, should it be legal, is around $150 billion. This is an incredibly high number and we all know how much the American nation needs any new source of income it can get. A big portionof this sum will come from taxes, which is the best type of state income since it requires very little investment by the state itself.

More jobs

Every president is always talking about creating new job places. Studies that took place back in 2010 showed that the online gambling industry can generate around 32,000 jobs over a 5 years period. Today this number is actually higher. In a reality where so many unemployed talented people who just can’t find a working place, this kind of opportunity can be a tremendous help.

Works in the UK

In the UK online gambling has been legal for years now. This has done only good to their economy. There are no horror stories about people losing everything they have just because online gambling exists. Sure, problems that existing in offline gambling exist in the online gambling too. But there’s no proof of the fact that legalizing gambling on the internet has increased these numbers or made them worse.

Taking out the trash

Like in any illegal area, there are those who will be outside the law. Usually these providers are lacking supervision, are not so reliable and are in a possible of being able to hurt people without any legal body preventing it. Once an illegal area becomes legal those groups are scattered around like flies. They no longer have the leverage of being the few providers in a market with a huge demand.


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Natalie Halimi has been in online marketing for the past 5 years, 4 of which has been in the online gaming industry. Examples for her work can be seen in – a big money games provider in the UK.