Image courtesy of Madeleine Tsoi
Image courtesy of Madeleine Tsoi
There are some people who manage to find ways to avoid paying their taxes and some other people feel that they would like to do the same. There are some good reasons why you should try to pay your taxes though.

Tax Evasion is illegal
If you illegally do not pay tax then you are breaking the law. It is worth checking that any schemes that you are considering using to avoid tax are legal. If you are using a legal way to avoid paying tax then you should be fine. If you have broken the law then you could face criminal charges, fines or even prison. It is not normally worth it. Consider whether you want to take that risk or not and think about the consequences should you get caught.

You are Reducing the tax income which funds services
It is important to consider what the taxes pay for. Many people disagree with some of the things that their taxes pay towards but will also make use of a lot of the services. The health service, schooling, defence, policing are just a few things that the money goes towards. It helps a lot of people, both fortunate and less fortunate and therefore many people see it as their duty to pay it. Of course, some people pay in significantly more than others and there are a few people that take advantage of the system but most people do the job that they can manage and therefore pay the tax at the level due to what they get paid. It is not their fault they are paid a lower wage and therefore pay less tax most of them do not work less for what they get.

By giving back in the form of tax it makes the society a better place. Without an education system, free medical care, benefits and pensions there would be many more people struggling financially. This will mean that places will be more run down, there would be more people begging for money and a lot more unhappiness in all communities. That would not be a nice situation to live in. Although it can be annoying thinking that you are working hard to pay tax so that people who do not work can have money, if they did not have that money they may be begging or stealing instead, they still may not be able to find a job.

You should be happy to be earning enough to pay tax
Another way of looking at things is that you should be pleased that you are earning enough money to pay tax. If you were earning below the tax limit then you would not have a very big income and therefore not be able to afford many nice things. The more you earn, the more luxuries you can afford but you will also have to pay more tax as a consequence. You will still have a better life as a result of the extra money you are earning so paying extra in tax will not make that much difference and it is something that everyone has to do.