A death or an injury in the workplace can be a tragedy for all involved. When a worker loses their life, the grief of friends, family and coworkers is immeasurable. When a worker is injured, the personal costs can be enormous, and medical care may have to continue for the rest of their life.

Obviously, avoiding accidents is crucial to the success and reputation of your business. Nothing can more efficiently destroy your reputation than injured workers.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to invest in making sure your workplace is secure. If you’ve just started a business, this should be among the very first things to consider.

When workers feel safe, for example, they’re more likely to stick around. If the dangers in your workplace are obvious, workers won’t just be motivated to skip work because they’re tired or hungover. They’ll want to avoid work because they genuinely fear for their health.

Creating a safe environment eliminate this potential source of absenteeism. But, perhaps, more importantly, an emphasis on safety can build trust with your employees. When employees know that you’re doing things that have their interest at heart, they’re likely to be more productive. They’re also likely to be more loyal to you and show pride in their work. I know that this requires a lot more than just improving safety, but it’s a step in the right direction.

What’s more, you’ll find that it’s one of the ways you can improve the entire working atmosphere. Colleagues and workers will be happier. And this is one of the great unspoken benefits of working in some companies. Not only do you get paid, but you get to have a good time too.

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Improvements in safety don’t just impact your business’s productivity indirectly, though. They can also impact it directly. Reading more on a creative safety blog can open your eyes to all the ways better safety management makes work more efficient.

Little things like working in an environment free from debris and tangled cords can help. Perhaps clutter is directly responsible for distracting workers from their core tasks. Or maybe mess in the back office is getting in the way of both the fire exit and getting the job done.

Finally, it’s worth looking at safety just as you would any other form of investment. You’re insuring yourself against, the cost of injuries in the future. And believe me, if you’re running a large organisation, injuries will arise.

Doing everything within reason to promote worker safety helps to protect you from costly litigation. It also means that you’ll be paying less on your business insurance premiums, especially if you never have to claim.

Having workers that are at work, and not off sick with injuries, means that you’ll remain consistently productive. An injured worker that needs time off work to recover can seriously harm your bottom line. Some workers are difficult to replace, and training a new member of the team can be both costly and time-consuming.


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