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Finding the right job is no easy task – there is not a secret anymore the fact that while growing up, we tend to change our ideas, ideologies, beliefs and way of thinking hoping we will seal the deal by finding the match made in Heaven for us – the link between us and our dream job. Still, as time goes by we realize there might not be something to be a passion to us, a passion that is easily seen – such as artists, who know drawing is their passion. Still, if I were to change my job, I would definitely go blogging. A full-time job. More to say, a lifetime job.


Bloggers Travel. For Free

Believe it or not, bloggers are the ones to make the best out of their lives. To be more concrete, bloggers do travel. For free. Everywhere they want, or… everywhere they are sent to. Basically, what they do is super fancy – they manage to stay at the 5* hotels in the most luxury rooms, eat the healthiest food in the world and – take that – they even receive clothes, phones, laptops, everything they manage to advertise throught their blog. There is no wonder why there are so many clothes sales organized by the worldwide renown bloggers!


Bloggers Earn. A Lot

Did you know that the most famous blogger of 2014 made over $8 million last year? Not to mention the fact that she almost did not pay a think for during the year. Just think about it – she had her flight booked by different companies and upgrated to the business class, among with the luxury clothes provided by Dior, Chanel, Fendi (and the list goes on to several pages) for free, in exchange for some advertising. And yes, all the food was usually provided by the 5* hotel, also a sponsor. Who in his life would say no to such a life? I know I wouldn’t.

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Bloggers Really Make the Best Out of Their Lives

Have you ever imagined yourself as being old? Would you be able then to sketch yourself as being young? Well, one thing that bloggers have and that can be easily perceived through time is the fact that they usually take photos of themselves during their trips, photos to go through when the old age hits by. Surely some of the best things to show to your nephews!



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