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Have you ever had a harsh day, one of which you wish you could loose track of? Would you like for it to be possible to turn it into a better one or just to… disappear? Well, for sure you wouldn’t enjoy wasting a day of your life in this way. Just because life is not forever and every day in plus is a bliss we should take advatange of. In this case, we have only one solution – to turn it into a better one. Here, stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines just to see what should you not listen to or take into account when someone speaks to you – trust me, this following lines are definitely not worth to be taken personal.

You are of No Good!

For how many times have you heard this line? I bet it is definitely a great number – just because people are mean and most of them can’t even control their minds and behaviour. Still, this should never put you aside – this line should reinforce you and make you one of the best, just because you can and it is up to you to show them how they should treat you, regardless of age.

Your Saying is Useless

Really? I am sure it is a different oppinion from yours, but others might find it interesting. This is exactly what others think of themselves – it is a proiection of their own. In this case, nothing of that matter should bother you. Actually, you should feel rather sad about them – they are not even trustworthy, since they have such a sad image over themselves!

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How could you Think of that?

Well, I am a genius, aren’t I? When someone says such a harsh thing about your thinking, you should respond to them that you are definitely one of the best since he wouldn’t be able to think of that not even in a lifetime! This is what you are and this is your advantage – to think of what others’ can’t. Let alone the fact that they would never have such brilliant ideas. They would always think of conformistic messages, sayings and nothing called as „outrageous??? – which is, in most of us oppinions, the key to original and innovation in a world filled with copies of no value. Be proud of yourself and live your life in a possitive way – no one would ever be able to take it away from you unless you don’t let them!


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