Looking for a new and innovative way to creating and monetizing your content? Have the last ones did not satisfy your expectations or just feel like making a change on your website? If so, you are at the right place to start running the business. So give yourself a break, take the wheel of your life and let’s have a short revelation in regards to why should you switch to a premium WordPress Membership Plugin – just some facts to let you know!

MemberPress Products

Believe it or not, there is a plugin you have ever dreamt of. When running a website, there is nothing better than having something you could put your trust into, a plugin that is totally worth it. One of these plugins would be the WordPress Membership Plugin, and I will show you why – once installed, you win on both sides – time and money. Unlike other step-by-step guides, this plugin helps you save a lot of time by letting him do what he is best at – creating unlimited number of membership products. Basically, what it does is that it helps you better set a product’s price, the subscription period and nonetheless, watch this – set who can buy a product and what its boxing price it’s ought to look like!


The first step in here is to decide upon how many websites will there use the new WordPress Membership Plugin. In case there is only one, the pricing starts from $99. The features set on this price are actually overwhelming, due to the fact that your website is ought to owe unlimited coupons and pricing pages (great for organizing a website and never miss a thing), the member’s only area, basic and advanced Add-Ons, the Affiliate Royale Merchant Edition (of $85 alone!) and many others! On the other part of the story, we got the many websites using this technology. Here, with only $199 the advanced businessmen could use the same unlimited members, 1 year of Updates and Priority Support. Yet unlike the previous features, it includes the Affiliate Royale Developed Edition (of $165) that is truly unforgettable once tried!

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Technical Requirements for Running MemberPress

In order to use the WordPress Membership Plugin, there are some technical requirements ought to be taken into account, regardless of age or location. It requires having installed at least WordPress version 3.8 or above, PHP 5.2.4 or above, MySQL 5.0 or above and nonetheless, a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.) with JavaScript installed. The other rules for special equipment and other versions you can find online, on their own website.

Multiple Payment Gateways

One feature the WordPress Membership Plugin comes with and should never be missed is the support for multiple payment gateways. Unlike other Plugins, the MemberPress works with PayPal Express Checkout, Authorize.net (AIM & ARB) and Stripe, anything one would want to have in order to feel secured.

MemberPress Subscriptions And Transactions

Nowadays, thanks to the new plugin any website owner can integrate PayPal or Authorize.net (as presented above) in order to track their subscriptions and earnings right from the backend of wordpress dashboard. You will know be able to give access or block from accessing your website to any previous customer who has previously bought a product (or not).

MemberPress in a Nutshell

By using the WordPress Membership Plugin, any of your user would be charged for access your content and your digital products, just like by using software and e-books this business is already on the run. If you want to confidently create and manage your content, protect websites from children or just want to observe your income better, start using this plugin and you will never regret it!

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