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Have you ever wondered how a more pleasant work schedule can make you be more productive and more ready to hit the ground? Would you like to be able to produce more with less effort and still, make your employees pretty motivated? If so, you are at the right place! Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over some impressive reasons why you should switch the work schedule to 5-daily hours – trust me, before you end this article, you’d die to make this change!


1. Refill your Energy

When it comes to a 8-hour schedule, most of us are basically pretty annoyed knowing that most of our time is spent at work, not home, within our family. Of course, when things are going this way, it’s definitely time for a change – and what better change would there be if not one that implies refilling your energy in such a way that the time spent at work is being fully taken advantage of! Stick with us and see, basically, how you can do that with only a 5-hour schedule per day!


2. Time to Focus on Other Things

Believe it or not, knowing you have only 5 hours to stick to your work gives you the opportunity to focus mainly on this – which means that your brain will not be stuffed with useless things, to which you usually think the last 3 hours from those 9 you spend at work. By this way, both the company and yourself win – and win big!

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3. Prioritise

Yes, that is right! When you least expect, people start prioritise their daily schedule and they slowly start to realise that work comes first in their life, so that the rest of the day they will be spending with their families, relatives or friends. That is basically the main reason why a 5-hour schedule would make you be more than happy and delighted to have you next to it!


4. Less Pressure

Of course, pressure is everywhere – but not when we are talking about this kind of schedule. The thing is that the more free time you are in the known of, the less pressure you have on your shoulders. That’s mainly your way, your life and your way of being, so start making a change before it gets too late! What are you still waiting for? I am sure your company will thank you for that matter.



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