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For many people the very thought of taking part in a team building exercise can make them cringe. After all, the traditional approach to team building has been adrenaline based activities or other physically orientated pastimes.

Its understanding why these types of activities are not appealing to many people.

But the fact is that it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to work out which faces are on your money or attempting a spot of white water rafting. The result is the same; you’ll be creating a bond between your team which will ensure they are able to tackle anything that is thrown at them.

If you’re looking to strengthen your tea you need to select an activity then everyone will enjoy. It doesn’t have to be outside of their comfort zone; enjoyment will encourage everyone to take part and the team to improve their bond.

Here are several reasons why building your team is so important:

Improved Performance

If you’re looking for increased productivity at work or better performance on the pitch you need to ensure your team gets to know each other. Team building events allow individuals to learn about each other, discover strengths and weaknesses and build friendship.

All of these things will directly improve performance.


In the same way your team will enjoy working together. The more comfortable people are with each other the easier it is to ask for help and get the best out of everyone. This will be obvious in the atmosphere within your team.


A team which is comfortable together will be happy to express their ideas and other team members will actually listen to them. In this way you’ll encourage innovation and even find solutions to difficult problems.

Your team is capable of resolving any issue; you simply need to encourage them to communicate and share with each other; this is done through team building.

Improved Communication

It should come as no surprise that the best teams communicate with each other. This ensures mistakes are not made that could be easily avoided.

Good communication comes naturally to a team that works and plays together. All you need to do is give them the opportunity to get to know each other outside the work environment.


It can be difficult to lead a team and even more difficult to find the right members to delegate to. However, a few team building activities and events will quickly allow you to establish which members are naturally leaders and who can handle the additional responsibility.

Not only will the team respond well to your choice of leader but you’ll find it easier to focus on what cunts; where the team is heading.


When your team members get to know each other they will start to bond and look out for each other.

This means they will identify and resolve problems before they become an issue; making life easier for everyone. The trick is to ensure the team building activities are fun and non-threatening.

Loyalty is also encouraged through the fact that every team member has to accept responsibility for their part in team activities. This builds accountability and trust; ensuring the team is working together towards getting the right result every time.

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