Life doesn’t seem as interesting in the second day of Christmas. We have already opened up the presents, saw what Santa has brought to us but where is the rest of the joy? Well, life is as it is. Christmas has come as gone just the way it should. What could possibly be there for us to do in the future? Well, until the New Year’s Eve comes across us, it is really important to fill the time with a meaningul idea – one that could bring us both joy and good memories! And how better one could do that if not by creating our own, personal and unforgettable traditions to take up every December from now on? In case you want to know more about the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – you’ll love what we have prepared for you in the following lines down below!


Spend the Second Chrismas Day in Family

Especially when Christmas is approaching, most of us are packing and going directly to our families. Now, what about making some traditions in this second day of Christmas? In case it does ring a bell to you, let’s see what we could do, besides gathering all the members and yes, finally spend some time to catch up with our families!


Gifts for the Second Day of Christmas

One great tradition you could make that is not even expensive (at all) is making gifts in the second day of Christmas – but not any kind of gifts, some home made ones. In case you are interested, you can find a bunch of youtube videos explaining to you whatever you need to know in order to create a beautiful gift on which you don’t need to spend a single cent! Origami, fimo or anything else you could use in order to make the second day of Christmas unforgettable and worth spending with your family! Trust me, nothing is more rewarding and priceless than memories.

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Jokes on the Record

When Christmas time hits, the first thing to be set on the list is a joke! No one wants a Christmas meal with only serious faces, no laughs or jokes! Make sure to note down some great ones, for great nights! This could easily turn into a tradition – make a phone call to all of your guests, give them the homework and your Christmas holiday is about to turn into a magnificent one!



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