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Have you ever heard about someone deciding to leave the actual place in order to go somewhere else, in a poorer country? Did this thing raise you some questions? Well, at first it did to me aswell! Yet, as time went on, I managed to dig more into the subject and to find that missing root to help me reveal the answer – and it was there, all simple, bright and clear! This is the exact reason why I decided to share it with you, since more and more of my friends are doing this. Make sure to stick with us and keep on reading to see why!



Why Poor Countries?

Well, maybe poor was not the best choice of words. But in comparison with the rest of the countries, some of them are quite low under the majority. For instance, we have India where the average salary is somewhere around $300, which means that the price you pay for a living is increasingly lower than what you would pay for a place in Luxembourg, where the average salary is $4.089 (and the fees are bigger, too… way bigger, to be more specific).


Working Online for International Companies

Probably the best thing ever happened, receiving the opportunity to work online for international companies is a bliss! Not only will you work during the night, but throughout the day you might take a second part job to supply your monthly income. On the other hand, with a western salary of about $2,500 or more, trust me that you will not have on what to pay more than $500 a month! Which means that you actually gain and save, every month, $2000 to your baggie. Now, what would you say about that? Would you ever be able to save so much money on the place you previously were, where the fees are so big that from time to time exceed your salary (even though it might be bigger than the one you receive from these online working International Companies).

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What the International Companies gain?

Of course, there must be a tricky part. What the International Companies actually gain equals with money. They would pay less for someone who works from abroad, but as a whole, you gain better when being abroad. If you get the chance, just make sure to see this part of the coin and try it at least once in a lifetime!


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