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Hundreds of pounds a year can be saved on car insurance if you find the insurer that has the best rates for you. Finding the right insurer with the best car insurance policies is simple and easy if you use a car insurance comparison site like ours.

There are plenty of reasons why you’d choose to compare car insurance policies online, but there are a few elements of the process mentioned later in this article that you should pay attention to in order to get the most out of your search.

Comparing online saves you money

First and foremost, comparing car insurance policies online saves you money – and who doesn’t like to make a saving? By comparing the quotes of various different providers you can be sure that you’re paying the least amount possible for what is essentially the exact same product.

Not only that, you may even find an insurance provider that gives you a higher level of cover for the same price you would have paid your current insurer for a more basic package. Comparing and shopping around can save you hundreds on yout car insurance.

Comparing online saves you time

Ok so you’re sold on the fact that you should be comparing car insurance policies in order to get a better deal, but why compare your car insurance online? It will save you an unthinkable amount of time if you compare policies using a price comparison site such as ours.

Can you imagine calling up each provider individually and trying to get a quote? You’ll run up quite the phone bill, and drive yourself crazy listening to muffled music as you wait on hold for an operator to speak to you. Don’t forget, these guys won’t simply give you a quote and send you on your way, they’ll try every tactic to get you to purchase their product, so prepare yourself to sit through endless sales patter just to get a quote.

You can bag yourself a discount

A little-known fact is that price comparison sites don’t just aggregate the quotes given to them by various different insurance companies. Most sites will actually negotiate discounts on your behalf so that they carry the cheapest quotes that the industry has to offer. You would 100% miss out on such a discount if you went straight to the insurer. So using a price comparison site to compare policies online would save you even more money as you come away with a discount you didn’t even have to haggle for.

Gain the upper hand

If for some reason you really are keen on staying with your current provider but fancy slicing a few pounds off the cost of renewal, then shopping around online can help bring down your costs. Simply look online for what other insurers are charging for the same level of cover and use this as a bargaining chip with your current insurance provider to get them to come down on the cost of your premiums. If for whatever reason they won’t budge, then you can always jump ship – other insurers are cheaper after all…

Save your details

Remember earlier when we mentioned how ridiculous it would be to call up hundreds of insurers to get quotes from them individually? One of the reasons this would be so cumbersome is because you’d have to repeat the same personal details to each insurer each and every time. This isn’t the case when comparing insurance online as you can fill out one form on our website and we use your information to find the best quotes for you from every single provider.

What’s more, if for some reason you haven’t got time time fill out all the infortmation at once; you can save where you are and pick up where you left off when you next get a chance.

Play with the settings

Something you wouldn’t be able to do when ringing up insurers directly is to play around with the different variables that get factored in to give you your final insurance quote.

Wondering how much you could save on your car insurance if you took the train to work twice a week and reduced your yearly mileage by 2000 miles? Then just change the value on our online form and see what comes up. Wondering how much extra fully comprehensive cover would be? Then take 5 seconds to change the values and search again.

Now, imagine asking an operator at one insurer to change 5 variables 10 different times. Now imagine doing that at every other company you want to compare… You should probably just stick to comparing car insurance policies online.

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