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Investing in real estate should be part of every investor’s portfolio, but whether you’re looking to invest in rural land as an investment, farming location, or ranch, the state of Arizona has some the finest parcels of rural land available.

Ranching and farming in Arizona

When most people think of Arizona, they think of cacti, sand, and deserts. The state of Arizona is much more than desert and is not a dry land where nothing grows and thrives. In fact, long before it became a state, Arizona thrived in agriculture, and it still does to this day. The state of Arizona boasts over 15,000 farms and ranches and has been growing food and raising cattle for hundreds of years. Farming and ranching make up the states second largest source of revenue.

Benefits of buying Arizona land

There are hundreds if not thousands of places to buy rural land in America, but few places possess the unique qualities of Arizona which make it the perfect choice for farm or ranch land. While there are parts of Arizona that is desert land, a lot of Arizona land for sale has access to plenty of irrigation water for crops and more than adequate yearly rainfall which makes it ideal for farming, and the state’s natural grasslands make it a great choice for ranchers.

What you can do with rural land in Arizona

There is Arizona land for sale in a large variety of parcel sizes, locations, climates, prices, and terrains. Whatever type of land you’re looking for, chances are you’ll be able to find exactly what you need in Arizona. From small parcels of less than one acre to large parcels of land over 40 acres, finding the perfect amount of rural land for your needs is no problem in Arizona. Arizona offers wooded acres in areas near Flagstaff, grasslands in areas such as Concho, AZ, and desert areas outside the city of Phoenix. You can use your rural land for a variety of endeavors, such as farming, ranching, or even for building a home in a scenic and secluded area.

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Arizona agriculture

Florida and California are well known for being big citrus growing states, but Arizona is ranked second in production of lemons and third in the production of tangerines. The state is also a large cotton growing state, and at one time, cotton was the state’s largest resource. In fact, the city of Goodyear, Az. exists because of the cotton growing industry. With dams providing irrigation water to many of the state’s drier regions, agriculture and the cattle industry is booming in Arizona.

Arizona rural land as an investment

Real estate should be a part of every investment portfolio. While investing in residential and commercial real estate is fine, rural land is also a great long-term investment that can increase the value of your portfolio. A lot of the rural land in Arizona today is in the path of development. If you’re looking to invest in land that has the potential for future development, then Arizona is an excellent place to invest. What makes Arizona land such a promising and wise investment is population growth and long-term appreciation. Most types of rural land in Arizona has not lost value in recent months and continues to appreciate as the state’s population rises and the farming and cattle industries continue to prosper.

Homesteads and the great outdoors

Rural land in Arizona can satisfy anyone’s climate preference, terrain, or tastes in the outdoors. If you’re into the great outdoors, whether it’s scenic mountain views or acres of woodlands, Arizona offers the perfect spot for building a home, farm, or ranch, and many rural parcels of land are only hours or minutes from many cities so you’re never out of touch with city life.

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Whether you are looking to invest for the long-term, looking for a great place to farm during retirement, or looking to own and operate your own ranch, Arizona is the right place to invest in rural land. With high appreciation potential, excellent quality land for agriculture, and a wide variety of locations and climates to choose from, Arizona land is a great investment choice for every portfolio.


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