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To misquote a popular song:

The weather outside is frightful

But our fire at home is so delightful

Please please let us go

Because of the snow, the snow, the blasted snow…


So sang your employees as they looked out at the window from your workplace, shivering both in anticipation of the commute home and because it’s so blooming cold. Probably! We are only imagining this scenario, but if it is possible to let your employees work from home during the winter, here are some of the reasons why you should.


  1. You will reduce the risks posed by treacherous weather conditions. As we have already alluded, the roads may be unsafe because of the winter weather. With icy roads, snowy blizzards, and dark mornings and evenings, the chances of a car accident are high. Sure, you could suggest your employees add Sibley Dolman to their contact list in case of an accident (they are car accident attorneys), or you could do the right thing, and put yourself on their contact list so they can get in touch with you if needed when they’re working from home.


  1. You will have happy employees. As an employer, you will understand the advantages of keeping your employees happy. They will whistle while they work (probably), be more productive, and have less reason to grumble about you when they’re out of your earshot. You win, and they win! But if you are forcing your employees to come into work when the weather is bad, and the temperatures are cold, their happiness and productivity levels will drop lower than the icy temperatures.


  1. You can save money on your utility bills. Unless you want your employees to leave work because they have caught the dreaded flu (or some other such winter-related bug), you are going to need to crank the heating up. And as we all know, that can only mean one thing. A larger heating bill! Curb the expense, therefore, and rather than tell your employees to put on an extra pair of thermals, allow yourself and your team to work from the warmer confines of the home environment instead. Then check out our article on saving money on your heating bill to reduce your home heating expenses.


  1. You won’t have staffing issues. Work needs to get done, but should your employees a) take time off because they have fallen ill because of the cold, b) infected you with their winter illnesses or c) get stuck in winter traffic, you are going to have issues meeting deadlines, and completing whatever projects are on the go. To ensure both you and your employees have the ability to work effectively over the winter months, working from home may be the best solution.


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Should you let your employees work from home during the winter? After the reasons we have presented you with here, your answer should almost certainly be ‘yes,’ especially if your working model accommodates it. Not only will they have a better time of things during this most chilly of seasons, but you will too, as you will have the opportunity to work at home, and your business may profit because of your wise decision.


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