wibubble is the revolutionary idea in the online community. Because I’m sure that you had times when you’re in new town or country and you need wi-fi but can’t find any available to use. Well wibubble is a startup who can help you with that, it will allow you to connect to other peoples connections to use for low hourly rate.

Find the connection you need, pay for how much you want to use it and continue  with your social media or business activities.

I must say that this is great idea, website still needs to launch, I’m not sure how will people use the service if they don’t have access to wi-fi at first place, but I’m sure they have a great solution in place.

How to Make Money by Sharing Your Wi-Fi?

With wiBubble you can share your connection with other bubblers and make money from it. Probably as a user you will be able to set the hourly rate for someone to use your wi-fi. And once they pay, your  connection will become available to them.

I’m still guessing here, because there is no a lot of information available on their page, but I’m sure that the service will help you to find wi-fi connections available in your area and they will show you the ones that are using wibubble.

All in all, this will become one of the greatest ways to make money online, a great way to earn some extra cash with your wi-fi. Maybe you will earn enough to even pay your Internet bills, that is useful if you ask me.

Keep an eye on these guys, once they launch, I’m sure everyone will talk about them, just tell them that you heard this first from makemoneyinlife (smile).

Don’t wait any longer,  go over to wibubble and leave your email, I already joined the email list, and honestly I can’t wait to test this way of monetization. You can also follow them on twitter and facebook, lets show them that we care for startups.

Thanks for reading