LOLHERO is a great place to win weekly prizes for the best submissions.  Any funny image in your photo collection can make you win big bucks. This week’s prize is 100$, this is good bucks for just submitting your funny image to lolhero and the money is paid via PayPal. There are past heroes who submitted their collections and they were archived in website. You too can be a hero (lolhero).

A funny photo or picture can feature anything. It can feature animals, human beings or non living things. It can also feature presidents. For instance, there is a good example of President Obama with his wife Michele. Its title is ‘be steady now, that’s my wife’. The photo is funny or amusing because president Obama is seen trying to stop an old man from reaching his wife.

They have an affiliate system in place now, after signing up (or using FB CONNECT) visit:
You will see all of your affiliate information, and you can request your payouts there!
They consider: UNITED STATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA as premium countries, and they pay $1.00 per signup from your referral link. Sign-up’s from other countries are credited to your account at $0.10, Minimum Payout of $10.00.



There are several funny photos featuring animals. The animals could be cats, dogs, donkeys etc as are the one mostly featured. A good example of a funny photo featuring animals is the one titled fear. This is a beautiful and yet funny photo showing puppies being scared by a parrot.

Be creative in creating and taking funny photos in order to stand a chance to win and don’t forget to put funny messages on them. Creativity can be seen in a photo displayed in this website of a cat wrapped with a gift wrapper. The title of the funny photo is ‘your death will be slow and painful’ because the cat looks very funny wrapped in a gift wrapper.

So, be creative and submit the funny photos that you have in order to be voted and become a hero.  They don’t have to be of people or animals.  There is an ironical photo titled ‘Nice try Sauron’ showing an advert of lost gold ring.  The advert is written that the simple gold band with cutouts has been in the advertiser’s family for generation.The phone to contact has been rubbed off and instead the words ‘nice try Sauron’ are written. I mean, who would return a gold ring to its owner after they have seen it.

So, register an account with LOLHERO and submit your collection and let your photo get many lol points than others to be a hero and win this weekly prize. This is how lolhero works. You can sign in with Face book instead of creating an account with lolhero.

Written by Naomie