This post is for all of you  who want to sell your services like consulting, writing, coding, or  digital products right from your wordpress blog.

Since wordpress is one of the best blogging platform online, we can use many plugins to sell our services and products online .

How it Works?

It’s pretty simple, you have a product or service that you want to sell, but you don’t know how. And if you’re on the start of your online career then you need to keep most of the money in order to be profitable.

Because owning a blog doesn’t mean that you will start making money from it, you need to prepare your blog and to give it a proper way of working in order to make money.

Many of you probably started with adsense, and that’s ok, it’s on of the most popular way to make money with your website or blog.

But the faster way is to sell something, if you have that traffic coming to your blog, why not monetize it, just like an offline store, you open it, put a product or service inside and start selling it.

Now if you’re a writer, designer, or you posses any other valuable skill that people can benefit from online, you can start selling those skills right from your blog.

How to Sell Products and Services Right From Your WordPress Blog

If you want to sell digital products, use these tools:

Sellfy – A great online tool to sell your digital products, if you want to get profitable and keep most of the money, then sellfy is the tool for you.

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Pulley – Another great tool similar to Sellfy, a great way for you to sell your digital art, music, videos, ebooks etc…

WordPress Plugins to Sell Services and Products Right from Your Blog

Now, another great way is to simply use wordpress plugins on your blog and to sell your services or products. Here are couple of ways and plugins you can use to start offering your services right from the inside of your blog:

eXopin – this is amazing new wordpress plugin that I found, it lets you to sell your own writings right from your wordpress blog. Write it and Sell it, it’s as simple as that. I’m sure that my good friend and writer Gabriela will find this plugin very useful, it’s one of the easiest ways to sell articles, plugin takes care of the rest, it transfers the post to another blog or owner that bought the writings, and you get the payment directly to your paypal account. Articles and content marketing are big industries, they are products just like any other, and they will continue to grow in 2013, take a piece of this sweet cake.

TinyPass – Tinypass is the best way to charge for access to content on your WordPress site. You can use Tinypass to charge for access to a single post or a bundle of posts. There are no merchant accounts to create, and no hoops to jump through when it comes to getting paid.

WP iSell Photo – Easily Sell photos, images, digital print etc. using the built-in WordPress gallery feature. Convert your WordPress gallery into a photo store.

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There you go,  a list of great WordPress plugins and online tools you can use to sell services or digital products right from your WordPress website or a blog.

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