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Life is hard and that’s the simple truth, you never know when it’s going to get your back against the wall. You will need to pay bills that are growing, the rent, the family problems will catch up on you.

Then what?

You sit behind your pc or a laptop and you start looking for a “work from home” websites where you can find a job and earn extra dollars or any other currency you need in order to make money online and get yourself from the tough situation and beat this hard life.

It happened to me and I know how you feel, but don’t worry, you are not alone, I’m here to help, and millions of other good people from all around the world. Just don’t give up, no matter how hard life hits you, you will win and you will survive.

Whatever don’t kill you, just makes you stronger, and the same situation is with online world too, once you stand up and stay strong the opportunities will start  pouring in.

But you need to take action,and it doesn’t take much, all you need is an internet connection, computer and that passion in heart that I know you already have. Then I guess we are all set and ready to conquer this hard life and to make money online.

You can pay bills and live from Internet, that’s the simple truth, STOP, don’t think anything else, don’t even think about giving up and that all this that I’m writing is a big bunch of words.

I’m about to tell you about work from home websites that I used when the life knocked me hard  and I needed some extra cash.

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Work From Home Website to Use When the Life is Hard



I even don’t know how many times I have used this website to find quick work and earn money online. All you need is a passion and expertise that I know you posses. Because everyone is good at something, I’m good at one thing and you’re good at other think for sure. Why not use your expertise and find some good online job.  Everything is handled online, you just need to finish the work and you will get paid in your account. It’s fast, easy and it will help you to bring in some extra bucks and pay for bills or books and studies.


Online marketplace where people will do anything for $5, but it doesn’t need to be only $5, you can charge more for extra services or features. You will be amazed how good this site is, if you hit the right spot with your offer (gig) and service, you could end up with couple of orders per day. You can do writing services, you can do SEO, build backlinks. Anything that you’re good at, be unique and be different, use videos in your gigs and you will be set and ready for new customers.


If you like to write and you’re good in any subject, then you can use iWriter to get writing jobs, I use it personally and pay for article from time to time. It’s my way to give something back to community that helped me a lot.  Let’s just say for example that you earn $9 per article and you write 10 articles a day, it’s extra $90 in your pocket. And you can make that much for sure, I never saw this much fast and good site as this one, you can find opportunity every couple of minutes. I highly recommend, it will be tough on the beginning and maybe you will be payed less, but once you get good ratings, your price per article will only increase. And any money is better that no money, just don’t give up my friend.

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You probably heard for this website, but if not, it’s the Internet’s leading retailer of digital products. You can sell your digital goods and info products or you can promote and sell other’s people products for a commission. It’s called an affiliate marketing, and many people find it hard to figure out this whole thing. But it’s pretty simple, pick a product that is good and that sells itself basically, you can use other blogs to promote products or you can use email marketing. Be honest with the people, and they will subscribe to your email list, because the honesty will bring you closer with them and you will have new and repeated customers over and over again.


I’m pretty sure you already heard about this website and you know everything about it, but it needs to be mentioned always because it’s the best online opportunity there is. Thousands of people, all around the world changed their lives on better by selling their stuff from garage or things that they don’t need. It doesn’t need to be old stuff, you can buy new stuff from the retailers for low price and sell it on the ebay for a profit. You will be amazed how easy it is and how much you can make. Many offline businesses and individuals survived the economic crisis thanks to selling stuff on ebay.


It’s time to sell your kindle ebook, instead of writing articles, write one big and useful ebook and upload it on amazon. Create cover, upload all the necessary details. And who know, maybe your book will become new New York Bestseller, because as you probably heard, there is more kindle books sold than hard cover books. This is your chance to write from the comfort of your home and earn full time income online.

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Google Play artist hub

Great place for music artists to sell their music, you don’t need to be famous, if you are DIY or Platinum Certified you can use Google Play to sell your music to your fans. Go direct, sell more, Google will take 30% and 70% goes to you. Finally a place where you can get the freedom you want and more sales and recognition for your music. I didn’t used it, but many of my online music artist friends are talking about it all the time.
And I’m sure this can help you to reach more fans in this tough music industry, life is hard, but don’t give up.

I hope you enjoyed while reading this post as much as I enjoyed while writing it. Work from home is not tough and it can help you when the life seems hard, times are changing, but if you get online and connect with the people that care, you will always be able to find new opportunities and to make money in life.


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