In recent years, the popularity of laptops and tablets has seen the desktop computer market dramatically decline. Even though your standard PC still has its advantages, both working professionals and students are recognizing the benefits of owning a laptop.
What’s more, advancements in technology mean that these machines can accomplish all manner of tasks with the greatest of ease.

So if you’re considering investing in new technology but aren’t sure which way to go, here are some reasons to consider laptops for your next computer purchase.


Regardless of your budget, there is bound to be the perfect laptop out there that suits you. From affordable netbooks to more expensive ultrabooks, specifications and features will differ greatly, but you can still be guaranteed fantastic value for money if you take advantage of online discounts.


One reason why desktop personal computers have faltered is that laptops now offer the same specifications, but can easily be transported almost anywhere. Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, but even the biggest and most rugged machines are light enough to be carried around without too much discomfort. You should get a good laptop back for the safety and easy portability.

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Laptops provide the user with a great deal of functionality, whether you’re a businessman who needs to quickly type up minutes from a meeting or a student that has to deliver a presentation in class. All the MS Office programmes you could wish for are available, as well as visual editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Unlike other portable devices like tablets, laptops come with keyboard typing and a freestanding design for more ergonomic use.

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There are an impressive array of ports and connection points included on a standard laptop. Some of the main ports you’ll find include high-speed USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Firewire, mini VGA, card readers, audio in/out, security ports and an optical drive, meaning you listen to music while you work, take in a film on the train and still transfer all the important data you need.


The whole of society is now digitally connected via the Internet. Although smartphones dominate on-the-move communication, device manufacturers and software developers are now making quick-access apps available on laptops. Therefore, communicating with friends on Facebook, college lecturers on Skype or associates on LinkedIn is possible wherever you may be.
With new designs featuring sliding and detachable screens, as well as improvements in things like speech activation and higher screen resolution – even in the sun – laptops are becoming ever-more essential, whether you use them for work, play, study or all three.

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