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Life in business can be tough, especially if you’re a sole operator working from home or a start-up with minimal capital and a small client base. While every day in your job can be both exciting and challenging, you will find five business hacks below that are sure to boost your business for the better:

Consider a Serviced Office

While working from home initially can seem like a good idea, before long you might find yourself growing beyond what is achievable in your living room. Alternatively, you might feel that the distraction and overly familiar surrounds can be impediments to productivity. Traditional office spaces can be costly for a small to medium-sized business. However, choosing a serviced office as an alternative might tick all the boxes.

Serviced offices offer a range of benefits not available through a traditional lease. You pay a set rental cost per week, which in most cases will get you a fully-furnished space, dedicated receptionist service, internet, office maintenance, housekeeping, security, and complimentary beverages for you and visitors.

Many serviced offices are also integrated as part of a business center, offering you the opportunity to benefit from business equipment, boardroom hire, and mail services. In essence, you’re getting a professional setup, without the traditional costs associated with all these amenities.

Use a Virtual Business Space

If you need to boost your business but working from home is hindering the opportunity to grow; a virtual workplace might be for you. A virtual office will give your budding venture a professional image and prestigious address along with a phone number and mail, and phone answering services, all without actually renting or leasing a space. You still work from home, but you give your clients the impression that you’re an established business in a high-end location. 

Virtual offices can boost your business by providing you with an image you otherwise can’t achieve from your home address, and it’s an idea that’s catching on. In fact, one New York City landlord has 40,000 tenants – none of which physically occupy his property.

Use Word-of-Mouth Advertising to Your Advantage

You could easily spend thousands on media, billboards, newspaper ads and radio jingles, but your most persuasive form of advertising to boost your small business is word of mouth. Of course, you need to give excellent customer service for this to be effective. However, as word of mouth marketing accounts for five-times more sales than paid media, it’s an avenue worth considering. Encourage customers to leave online reviews, share experiences, and follow up on sales to evoke good feelings about your business.

Automate Existing Technology

If you’re a one-man band, time is of the essence. Of course, marketing is crucial to boosting your business, but it’s helpful to be smart with your marketing to allow more time for sales and following leads. Use technologies such as social media and email marketing to boost and automate your campaigns. Take advantage of scheduling and let your campaigns automate growth without you having to lift a finger.

Take Note of Trends

If you want your enterprise to thrive, it needs to move with the times. There’s no better way to boost your business than to stay up to date with trends and use them to your advantage. Create viral posts, offer products and services in line with what the modern-day customer requires, and never be afraid to use social media to push your products.

Boosting your business is not always about working harder; it’s often about working smarter. Consider some of the options above and reap the rewards of a thriving, profitable business.

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