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Starting a blog and setting a business, none of them has ever been an easy job. Every single one of us wishes to leave something behind – and a website is, in most cases, the best choice. When thinking about serious business blogs though, the first thing to pop out our minds concerns the money we could earn by investing our time, hard work and dedication, but on top of that – the sum of money there is ought to be paid, in order to get the outcome expected. Well, since we are talking about a business, an investment is utterly important and necessary to be made. Still, if it happens to you not having a big sum of money to play with, we have a helpful idea that could seriously weight a problem off your shoulders, providing you with earnings that can turn into either personal savings or funds, used for paying additional website costs (such as advertising fees, designers or UX experts).

Protecting a good investment and making money concept

LinkVehicle is known as one of the best SEO advertising company nowadays, used for connecting advertisers with specific advertising companies that fits best on different blogs. The website works on three sides, as for: publishers, advertisers and bloggers. Each section is quite different, but they meet the same outcome – sharing links and taking advantage of them. Keep on reading to find what steps are there to be followed to becoming one of them!


LinkVehicle gives any publisher the possibility of submitting not one, but multiple websites and pages he wants to share, found right on the dashboard. After completing the registration form, the publisher will have to wait and see whether or not his website(s) has/have passed the requirements imposed to ensure high quality. From the very moment of being accepted, the links will be available to be shared everywhere on the blog a publisher would like to place, either manually or automatically by the LinkVehicle team. The payments are done via PayPal, every 1st of the month and only if the earnings have exceeded $10.00. If they didn’t, you will receive your payment the forthcoming month – only if this time, the requirement was met.

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If you are looking for increasing your business, LinkVehicle can be a real help. As an advertiser, you will receive a better traffic as days go by, since it drives the target visitors to your website easier and so, your blog will receive a higher ranking. As well as that, by this way you are likely to turn your casual blog into a high class website, which definitely means lots of opportunities to stop on your way to success. Any of the blog reviews you will be paying for will not come with less than 200 words. In addition, the reviews are, in most of the time positive, but for them to be more plausible and not to feel as being paid for – bloggers may add some neutral or negative aspects – still, they will not be put on the spotlight for a long period of time.


Being a quality provider SEO advertising company, LinkVehicle don’t accept any blog – there are some requirements ought to be taken into consideration and fulfilled. Still, after passing this barrier, the reviews are to be written in the language of your blog – that’s what the advertiser looks for. The payment method matches the one detailed above, on the Publishers section, and the price for your reviews may be changed by contacting the LinkVehicle team. Another aspect of it concerns the fact that your reviews may not always be accepted – but that’s not a reason why you should stop. A great blogger is someone who works and plays hard to see his high expectations meet!  

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