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You Need to Know: Is Home-Based Writing the One for You?

In the hectic buzz of our daily office routines, it is easy to see why home-based careers are gaining traction. Home-based startups are growing because of a plethora of reasons, in particular for the flexibility they provide, which isn’t something you can find in the workplace.

When you hear the words ‘home-based’ or ‘freelancer,’ you might be thinking of someone dressed in pajamas, typing away on their laptops. But there is so much more to being a home-based writer. And with all disciplines, it has its share of advantages and disadvantages.

The Perks of Working from Home

Freelancing is one way for people to express their creative side amidst their busy work schedules. With this in mind, here are a few reasons why you can turn to home-based writing for additional income or even as your primary source of revenue.

  • Flexibility. Writing is something that you can do from the comfort of your own home, with your timetable. As a freelance writer, you can take advantage of your most productive working hours. You can adjust your schedule to make the most out of your home-based business, allowing you to fit your appointments in your agenda seamlessly.
  • You Make the Rules. In the traditional office setting, you need to do whatever is laid out in front of you. But in freelancing, you are your boss. You are the one in charge of the job requests that you choose to accept. You know your strengths and where you perform best, and you have the freedom to choose your workload accordingly.
  • Increased Income Potential. As a home-based writer, you get paid for what your services are worth. Are you writing for blogger outreach? Crafting newspaper articles? You will have the liberty to set your rates as you wish, and you can say goodbye to the restrictions established by hourly salary rates.
  • Save More on Less Tax. You can take advantage of tax deductions from the following reasons: having a home office, travel and accommodation deductions if it’s for business purposes, utilities, marketing, etc. By maximizing your deductions, you can lessen your tax burden and save up hundreds of dollars.

The Disadvantages of Being a Home-Based Writer

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Before you decide to quit your job to be a dedicated home-based writer, consider the following factors and see if the freelance life is right for you.

  • Faulty finances. Unlike regular employment, your regular employee benefits are not covered by your annual salary unless you do something about it. Before deciding on a minimum fee, calculate your added expenses, such as increased overhead costs and insurance fees to cover. Take a decision on a rate, be it hourly or project-based that will equal your previous salary.
  • The Blame Game. If you have had someone to take care of faulty equipment and malfunctioning software, you might be in for a surprise. As a home-based writer, you have to take care of everything from IT concerns to customer service. You have to write and revise your articles by yourself while juggling your administrative and financial management skills.
  • Self-service. When you’re an employee, you already have things to do the moment you show up to work. Unlike freelancing, you have to look for work to do yourself. You will have to market your services through blogger outreach platform and social media networks.


One thing is for sure. Freelance writing can be an excellent way to earn money from your own home. Not only will it give you more flexibility to work, but it can also help you save on commute costs and idle time. The
government is even starting to embrace self-employment and freelancers as the new norm.

Writing is a lifelong practice, and if you continue to hone your skills, you will always be able to find work. Making the shift to become a home-based writer can be a huge decision to make. Consider all the pros and cons before you make a decision.

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