Businesses are massively complex operations, with many moving parts. If you own or indeed run one, you’ll know this better than most. It can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and not enough days in the week.

So, create more time. Time is money, and outsourcing can save you both. Making your business more profitable isn’t a walk in the park, and it all starts with a few small tweaks.

How does outsourcing save my business money?

To outsource means to pass on a specific job to an external party. The benefits of this are obvious, and numerous. For starters, you’ll free up your time and your staff’s time, allowing them to focus on getting work done and building a profit. Additionally, because your staff will have less work to do, you’ll cut down on wage payments by the hour. Over the year, this can save you hundreds and hundreds in cash.

As an added benefit, many outsourced tasks can count as business expenses – meaning you can deduct them from your tax. If you or your staff did it, you can’t claim that as an expense. So think carefully! Here are some of the biggest jobs you should be shoving right off your plate.


With the rise of digital media, and videos, podcasts and audio messaging becoming more popular, the need for transcribing is high. The thing is, it’s extremely time-consuming to have to listen to dozens of minutes of audio and then write the results down. Luckily, you or your staff won’t have to! You can outsource this task to a specialised provider, to take a heavy load right off your plate.

A Speechpad transcription can have the finished product done within 24 hours, meaning your solution is literally a sleep away. Businesses have to move fast in order to keep on top of things, so don’t waste your time on jobs that you should be handing off to external sources.

IT and data storage

Storing all your valuable data on-site is risky for a number of reasons. Has your office flooded? Bye bye data. Had a burglary? Lost that hard drive? Accidentally dropped your drink on it? Some issues are unlikely, but possible.

Outsourcing your data storage to a cloud provider stores it safely off-site. And, since it won’t be a physical entity, it can’t be destroyed. You can access the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection

Language conversion

If you’re expanding across the globe, or have a website, you’ll need your text translating into different languages. Using Google Translate or another similar service may seem like a quick solution, but will it be accurate? No, no it won’t.

You can outsource this job to a specialist, and have all your documents translated capably. Accounting for every dialect and slang term is tricky, but possible. Again, this allows you and your staff to focus on running your company, rather than trying to remember high-school French class. Which nobody can.


So, you’ve cut out some unnecessary work and your business runs all the more smoothly as a result. There’s no definite way to improve the operation of a particular company – after all, each one is different. But it can’t hurt to give outsourcing a try.

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