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I know that it can be hard to make money online, but not anymore. Since the Internet is evolving very quickly, there are more and more opportunities like the one I’m about to show you.

You probably have couple of great ideas on your mind for various things, but did you ever wanted to know how to monetize those ideas? That’s right, there is a place on the web, where companies will pay for your great ideas and that place is called youZingit.

The company is great. Their Co-founder Brian, a great guy, contacted me directly to tell me more and to spread the word with you (my dear readers). They want to let you know they have created a FREE website where your ideas will finally pay off.

How it All Works?

Here is how the website actually works: They can help people that have great ideas and they can help companies that are in need of new ideas to solve problems and discover new market trends.

For Companies and Businesses

If you are looking for new ideas to solve business problems, then you will fit perfectly into this group where smart minds from all over the world can help you with their ideas. If you like the ideas and find them useful you can pay for them and have the idea for yourself –  youzingit will take care of everything.

If you have Idea

I’m sure that from time to time a great idea comes to your mind. Why let it to fade away?  Post it online with youZingit because you don’t have anything to lose.  It’s a great way to monetize your innovative way of thinking and make some great cash on the side.

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It’s pretty simple to start, there are only 3 steps:

– register for free

– post your idea

– wait to get paid

Post Idea Page (partial)

And don’t worry about losing your idea and not getting paid.  The companies will only be able to see a part of your idea because only an abbreviated portion of your idea is shown. If the company likes what they see, they will need to pay a fee to see the whole idea.

Once the company decides that your idea is a perfect for them, they can purchase the licensing rights and you get paid.  youZingit will help you with everything.

Get Paid With RFI

Now, there is another way to get paid for your ideas and that’s the RFI (Request For Ideas), This is when companies post that they are looking for solutions and your ideas can be the tool they need. Since companies need to improve their products and services, they will seek your ideas to help them grow and improve in every aspect of their market.

You and others will submit your ideas and the companies will select the best ideas and again you get paid. I’m sure that you can see that youZingit is here to help us.

RFI Page

Premium Membership

Now what I personally found interesting is a premium membership, where you keep all the profits from the fees that companies pay to view your idea ($20), and you can get multiple views on your idea, check that out too.

Referral program

youZingit also has a very good Referral Program where people can earn premium membership credits and a Kindle Fire just for sharing the site with friends.

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You just need to visit the website or their facebook fan page to see how easy it is to start and to get paid for your ideas. Thank you for reading until the end and for checking this post, I highly recommend youZingit – have a great day!


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