Lies such as “I will only eat this final cookie” aren’t that bad as the ones we believe in regarding money and finance.

There are lies that we tell ourselves that lead us to debt, and because of which we cannot have normal lives. Here is the list of 10 lies the rich and successful will never tell to themselves.

1. I Really Need That!

The thing you really need is to differ your wishes from your needs. Do you really need to eat outside every Friday? Do you really need that piece of clothing? People who know how to deal with money know what they really need, and what they can afford.

2. Credit Cards Are Free Money

No, they aren’t. The interest on credit cards in the end is more then you have spent. Because of that, be careful with credit cards.

3. I Can Only Afford Minimum Payments

That is wrong as well. Aim for higher monthly rates rather then smaller, because interest is much lower as well as the period of payment.

4. I Will Never Have Enough Money Anyway

Who says that? There are many examples of people who had less then you have right know, and they became rich in the end.

5. I have to buy that, it’s on sale.

We often buy things we don’t need on sales, because they are on sale. Next time ask yourself whether you really need that.

6. Everyone Is Leasing or Buying Car on Debt

That is true, but do we really need the latest model that we can’t afford?

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7. I Deserve This!

I have worked an extra shift and I have deserved this. This is completely wrong. Try rewarding yourself with something modest like an Ice Cream or bucket of fruit.

8. It’s Only Money

This is the same like “It’s Only Air”. We need air to breathe, and we need money in order live.

9. Who Cares, I Won’t Live Forever Anyway

Young people believe this more often then everyone. When am I going to spend if not know? OK, you should indulge yourself now and then, but you should also think about the future, maybe because of today you will be able to indulge yourself even more in the future.

10. Something Will Come Up

It is good to be optimistic and to think positive, but we cannot spend all the money and then hope we will win the lottery.