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Have you ever wondered how come that most of the devices we put our money into break or just don’t seem to work anymore after two years? Pretty interesting yet annoying, taking into account that it fits the guarantee period, of exactly two years from the moment of buying. Well, it happens a lot, and I can say that it happened to me for many times as well! Yet, there are some really great tips to use in order to make our devices live longer and more fruitfully. In case you wish to find more about the subject, let me present to you the 3-step guide to make your devices live longer, up to 8 years!


Keep it Clean

Probably you have heard that for many times now, cleaning your devices is one of the very best thing to do when looking for making their life longer. Actually, any device is just like a house – if filled with many things inside and a lot of dirt on the outside, you practically have no space left and see the whole house nothing but deplorable – it might even break down and collapse! The same story applies to any device, since it is a must to keep it clean on the inside and on the outside – just like your own body! If taking good care of it, no harsh things or diseases will you interfere with!


Keep the Guarantee Safe&Sound

It is a major problem most of us deal with – the forgotten place of the guarantee. When buying a new device, there is nothing as interesting as opening the box and nothing as annoying as remembering where the guarantee is. In fact, we are more tempted to get the device in our hands and not keep into account the birocratical stuff – yet, without the guarantee, if something happens to your device during those years, you will not have the possilibity to access a new one or the reparation for free. Once you have your guarantee in your hand, there is no chance for someone to say no to you!

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Read the Guide!

Especially on laptops and mobile phones, there are strict rules in regards to the time you should let your phone charge. For instance, it is prohibitten (for the device’s sake) to plug in the energy cable while having the battery in it. On the other hand, we have the mobile phones which should not be plugged in while yet having battery (50%) or when they have no battery at all and shut down.


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