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Even though your business may not be the same size as Microsoft just yet, it’s likely you’ll still need a server as your company will process a lot of the same business functions, just on a smaller scale. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out and buy the same servers the bigger businesses have. Instead there are plenty of more economical and just as high quality servers available that will suit your needs. Answer the four questions below and you should be on your way to finding the perfect server for your needs.

Is A Server The Best Option?

Firstly, depending on the size of your business and its financial position, a server may not be necessary or the best choice. There are cheaper options such as using a cloud hosting service. Nobody is required to maintain a server when using the cloud and it won’t go out of date and become rusty with updates being made all the time.

Of course the big disadvantage and risk of opting for the cloud is that if the company running it goes bust then all your data could be lost. The same goes if you have a slow internet connection, which will make accessing it more frustrating.

What Server Type?

Single-function servers are popular with smaller businesses as they come at a cheaper price but also meet specific needs. It really depends what you most need a server for. File servers are common as they allow documents and data to be shared and backed up while print servers allow one printer to be shared amongst various users, best for design offices that focus on design a lot. Mail servers can store and move e-mail.

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Which Server System?

Tower, rack and blade servers are the three main types of servers and Pinnacle Data Systems have all three. A tower server is best for small businesses as they are the most economical and take up hardly any space as they are freestanding. Many of them can also have their storage increased later on if necessary.

Rack servers can also have storage increased but come at a higher price, best used if you definitely need to add more storage soon after purchase. Blade servers are the most expensive and should only be considered when your business can afford one.


What Else is Required?

It’s important you have a member of staff or IT technician in your office (or on call) to keep the server in order. All being well everything should run smoothly, but if something does go wrong your business can suffer if all your data is lost. Otherwise just enough space, electricity, an internet connection and colleagues who know what they’re doing.




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