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When it comes to getting investment advice, the temptation to simply find someone to tell us what to do is great. After all, we’re overwhelmed with unfamiliar terminology, jargon, and the fear of making a mistake with our money is huge. Far better to simply hand our money over to a professional, someone who knows what they’re doing, right? Well, whilst it’s important to remember that investment is a team sport, it’s equally important to do some research before deciding which members t have on your team. This is why this article will give you 3 hopefully inspiring reasons why you should research before you get financial advice.

#1 It’s Easier Than You Think (And Actually Quite Fun!)

The problem with words like “research” and “do your homework” is that for many of us they carry the negative connotations of school, and are associated with a dull, dry, dreary task. So instead of thinking about this as ‘research’, think of it as simply ‘finding out what others have to say about the same thing’.

With today’s easy access to the Internet and Social Media, this is as simple as:

  • Typing your question into Google
  • Posting a message on Facebook
  • Sending a tweet to your followers on Twitter
  • Emailing a school friend
  • Or even, picking up the phone and having a chat with someone

What’s more, you can easily find entertaining videos, or podcasts where difficult complicated financial concepts are broken down into fun bite-size pieces.

Exposing yourself to all these fun and engaging sources of activities helps to inspire you and give you ideas on what’s possible with your money.

#2 Know Your Options

Have you ever bought something in a shop, only to later find the same item at a lower price in another shop? Well, doing your research helps you know what your options are so that you can get the most out of your financial planner. When you read the stories of what others have been able to accomplish with professional advice, then that will raise your level of expectations for the investment advice you receive.

#3 Be Empowered

One of the huge obstacles in getting investment advice is the feeling of vulnerability because there is a lot that you don’t know. The fear is that the financial planner might take advantage of this lack of knowledge. Now even though this fear is greatly eliminated when you work with a Chartered Financial Planning Firm, it’s further annihilated by arming yourself with the knowledge and questions that you gathered during your time of research.

When you are already familiar with some of the jargon that your financial planner will use, then you avoid being instantly overwhelmed by new information, and instead have the confidence and freedom to simply assess the advice that you’re being given.

#4 Get the Most Out Of Your Financial Planner

Taking even an hour to do some research on the Internet will help you get the most out of the time with your Financial Planner. That’s because he or she won’t need to spend a lot of time or energy teaching you some of the basic concepts that you could have learned by quickly going online. Instead, they can focus completely on determining your financial goals, purposes in life, priorities, and then help to create a detailed, balanced and realistic plan to meet those goals.”


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